Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kashmir Backdrop - No Movies of KP Plight

Why am I writing on the topic that hardly anybody likes to write on?  A movie on KPs or Kashmiri Pandits?  What would we show in that and What would we be able to achieve in that when we would not be able to add any "Regular Indian Movie Spice" in that movie.  There is nothing major Melodrama in that story on Kashmiri Pandits. Oh Yeah, we can do a serial like Buniyaad or Hum Log, but in today's scenario, it wouldn't get the TRP that Channels want.

Well, well well, we have seen that movies on Kashmir's bloodbath can be made and in recent times at least two movies - Mission Kashmir (starring Sanjay Dutt and Hritik Roshan) and Haider (starring Shahid Kapoor) were made.  The story line of both the movies revolved around the atrocities of Indian armed forces on the minority community...oops Majority Community in Kashmir.  Interstingly both the movies got critical acclaims and fared well on Box office.

This prompted me to dwell into a thought process to do a movie on Kashmir, but with a different story line. The story would be of a Kashmiri Pandit from displacement to Exodus. A story that would range from his prosperous past with green-fields in Kashmir to the Refugee Camp in Delhi to the tough fight he has to put to get his son educated and serve in Indian Army.  Just a thought and just a plot.  There is more to it, but then where I am?  Stuck with the Story. Why?, because there is no fund to make the movie. Why? there is no masala in the movie as highlighted in the opening para.

Someone told me to redo the story where the Muslim angle can be exploited rather than the truth that I want to highlight.  I had written the story after a long painful research on the plight of Kashmiri Pandits.  Gathered the facts and fear they went through and coined through their pain of exodus.  But, the producers want to add the twist and show the plight of others that resulted in insurgency in Kashmir.

Oh yeah, everyone is interested only in the exploitation of situation that would help them sell, but they don't want to bring the truth to the table because that would turn the tables around!!!

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