Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kashmir - The Land of Ethnic Cleansing

It is a pain and is a real sorrow to read an article by S. A. Aiyar on A tale of two ethnic cleansing in Kashmir. The pain is unexplained and I wish I could have written this article with my Blood rather than choosing the red font.

SA Aiyar in his blog on Times of Inida, has suggested that the Ethnic Cleansing of Kashmiri Pandit's was long impending for what happened in 1947. In his article, he highlights the brutality against Muslims and where the figures of those killed in 1947 to be around 200,000 (muslims) and displaced 500,000 or so. He refers to some researchers.

Overall his article is something that I would call as a betrayal to the reality and an act against the Country. Why? Because his article highlights only the Half truth.  His article points our at various pointers that provide with Hair Rising half baked truth.  And to his audacity, he has stated "Official figures say only 219 Pandits were killed in the valley. But the threat of violence was so great, and the chances of curbing it so remote, that lakhs of Pandits fled. Most are now rotting in refugee camps in Jammu". Should we be clapping at the worst way to add to the agony of the displaced?  Shame on You Mr. Aiyar.  You wouldn't know the pain of getting displaced from your own land as down south never had that reach of the attackers who went for Ethnic Cleansing.....If you want to understand the pain of Ethnic Cleansing, try to learn the pain of the Sri Lankan Tamilians who were taken to Sinhalese Land as Cheap Labor and then the Sinhalese Majority Govt. went ahead with some drastic measures there giving rise to Prabhakaran....

If that would not help the likes of Aiyar and the others who just go back few years in the History to declare that in 1947 J&K was predominantly a Muslim populated area, I would like to highlight the History of Jammu and Kashmir.  it needs to be noted that the History of Kashmir doesn't start from just 1947, it rather dates back to the time of Mahabharat when King Sandipan was the ruler of that geographical area.  Until the 1200 AD, Kashmir was ALL HINDU Nation with not even a single Muslim population there. it was only in 1200 AD that the first Muslim attack was successful in Kashmir and the result was drastic - only a few Hindu Families had survived then.  The History of Ethnic Cleansing in Kashmir is not something that started in 1947, it started as early as 1200 AD.  Please if you refer to History, refer the complete historical events and not the portion that you want only to please certain!!!

Moreover, even in 1947, if Mr. Aiyar is giving the account of ethnic cleansing in Kashmir, why did he forget the train loads of corpses that were dispatched from Pakistan? Ah yeah because he was in his nappies then and doesn't remember all those....I was not born, but the eyewitness account shared by the elders has been enough for me to understand and feel...

Mr. Aiyar in his article seems to have been sympathized towards the Minority, may be he wanted to further his political career as the trend these days is. It so seems that he is trying to learn the art of Minority Appeasement.  But he is forgetting that the likes of him would soon change the rule of the game and would convert the Minority to Majority and Majority to Minority.  

If I have to basically sum up the act of Mr. Aiyar, then it is simply providing the much needed words to those sitting across the border and trying to raise Kashmir issue as India's ruthless act against Human Rights....Mr. Aiyar missed it that in his article he mercilessly butchered the efforts & Sacrifice of brave sons of the soil....

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