Friday, January 9, 2015

Mysterious Case - Pakistan's Boat Case

The very recent case Indian Intelligence team and Coast Guards worked in unison to apprehend a suspect terror boat has really turned mysterious. It is certain that the Boat was headed to India, it is also certain that the Boat was carrying certain illicit material to be delivered to someone in India and it is a known fact that the Boat blew itself up by not surrendering to the Indian Coast Guards.

The whole case as it unfolded with the way it did, places higher reliability on the Government sources that state it to be linked with terrorist operation ahead of president Obama's visit to India as the Chief Guest for the republic day celebrations on January 26, 2015.  However, certain Indian political outfits and certain Indian news channels for themselves are painting this case in a very rogue manner to not help the cause of the Government.

The first such rogue handling of the case is by the Oldest Political Party in India that challenged Government's declaration of the incident to be suspect terrorist operations.  It is certainly unfair and highly unpatriotic to use such an incident for Political Affair.  They tried to link the case with Mafia activity, but then the question that they need to answer themselves is "Why would a Mafia Team blow up the Boat in suicidal manner, that too in the High Sea?"  It so seems that the concerned political party failed miserably in evaluating the pros and cons of the Statement it made.  Their act didn't do much help to the cause of National Security in India and lent some more support to Pakistan's claim that the news is farce....

The second such rogue handling of the case is by the Prominent Indian News Channel which raises similar questions as raised by the Political party referred above.

Now, I have a few questions may be some of them a repeat of what Indian Defence Minister Mr. Parrikar has already raised.  These questions are to be answered by anyone who is supporting the Political Party or who think otherwise from what the Government and Coast Guards have to say -

  1. What was the reason that the suspect Boat didn't revert to surrender notification by the Coast Guards?
  2. Why did the 4 suspects switch of the lights of the Boats and try to bypas Coast Guard Vessel?
  3. Why did the 4 suspects shift to the base and light up the boat?
  4. Why did the Boat Blow off in such huge flames if it was a mafia boat and if there were no ammunition on the Boat?
  5. Why did the 4 suspects went on to commit suicide by blowing the boat and not surrender?
  6. The political party needs to clarify its own question "If there were arms and ammunition on the boat or were there any illegal stuff"?  So does that political party considers those arms and ammunition to be Legal consignment as I read from their questions??
Overall, the Political Party has really created a mockery of the whole case.  Rather than joining the Government in condemning the act and rather than criticizing the probable act of terror that might have resulted in something similar to 26/11, they are trying to politicize the matter and in a way supporting Pakistan.

For those who feel that in this article or elsewhere Pakistan is being targeted time and again need to see the video "Finally truth revealed by Pakistani Channel on Terrorism". The Relationship of Pakistan with Terror dates back long time in history, or after watching the Video, one can say that Pakistan has proved to be "Safe Heaven" for the Terrorists and the Masterminds.

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