Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nigeria Massacre

Amidst the entire frenzy around the Peshawar attacks, the attacks on Charlie Hebdo office in France, the world missed the worst ever act by Boko Haram in Nigeria.  The attacks that are reported to be lasted almost for 3 days (similar to the case in France where the 3 or 4 attackers killed 17 French citizens) recorded in excess of 2000 deaths across the villages in and around Baga in Northern Nigeria

The act by Boko Haram in Nigeria looks like a case of Ethnic Cleansing. as per the report the Islamist Militants just opened fire or sprayed bullets indiscriminately across the Baga Neighborhood.  In the current scenario or the recent acts of violence, this certainly is the deadliest act, an act of brutality and a crime against Humanity.  But why is the Social Media silent on this? There are many questions that are to be answered by the world and the netizens across the geographies.

Millions marched in Paris raising voice against the Charlie Hebdo incident, with world leaders joining in.  US media criticized President for not participating in that march.  But what in the world did the dead in Nigeria do to not get the attention of the world?  If the dead could speak, then am certain the victims of Boko Haram act would seek a clarification from us on this side.  
  • Is it that the incident in France is once is a blue moon sort of incident and that's why the World and the Social Media was abuzz with that?
  • Is it that France is a prominent player in the world economy and is a leading country in eurozone, that it got he attention from the world?
  • Is it that the victims in Charlie Hebdo were Well Educated Economists and Cartoonists that got the attention of the world?
  • Is it that the victims of Boko Haram massacre were just another living being and didn't matter to the world?
  • Is it that Nigeria as a country is already destabilized with ever lasting fight between the government and the Islamist Militants that doesn't draw the attention of the world leaders?
  • Is it that Nigeria is just another country somewhere in Africa and doesn't have the economic or political stand in the world and world map?
There are many such questions that may seem to be vague and idiotic, but need to be answered by the world.  

By Far the massacre in Nigeria is a bigger crime against Humanity and violates the nature's law of "Live and Let Live".  This certainly doesn't undermine any other terrorist act, but highlights the depth of crime against Humanity.

Are we sensitive against Crime Against Humanity or are we waiting for the day that would make us believe that the world needs to unite against terrorism and such acts of heinous crime?  Are we still lodged in an era of First / Second / Third world and will stand up only when the higher category gets impacted?

Shame on us!!!! for our silence!!!

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