Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pakistan - At its Best - Alleging India

The turn of events with BJP coming into power in India and the stand the Indian Government took in last year, made us see a change in the outlook Pakistan had about our country,  The decision or say the right stand that Indian Government took with regards to calling back its officials from the discussion / negotiation table with Pakistan is viewed by Pakistan as a point where India is disengaging itself from the talks.  Why shouldn't India do that for Pakistan is continuing its support to the terrorists time and again.  The Pakistani Rangers are resorting to unprovoked shelling and firing across the LOC after the Indian forces failing their attempts to push terrorist (so called Jihadis) into Indian territory.

As a follower of India-Pakistan love and hate relationship with less love and more hate, I have been following the whole case very closely.  I have been following all the terrorist attacks as executed in India as well in Pakistan and have viewed most of the talk shows and interviews (on you tube).  But the most astonishing one had been the one where Pakistan went ahead and claimed that India is waging a war against Pakistan by supporting Terrorists in Afghanistan and organizing terrorist attacks in Pakistan through Afghanistan. All I could say "What an Audacity of a failed nation?"  They went on air to even say that the attack on Peshawar School was staged by terrorist motivated by India and challenged the 5 consulates India has in Afghanistan.

Mia Musharraf, though himself is facing treason charges, went on to say - "Though Culturally, Politically, Ethnically and with other factors, Afghanistan is closer to  Pakistan, Why is India training Afghan military and why is Chief of Army Staff of Afghanistan goes to IMA passing out parade as Chief Guest?"

On the other hand the ex ISI person Hamid Gul also went on the air to raise fingers on India as Mia Musharraf did and say that India is responsible behind the terrorist attacks in Pakistan including that on Peshawar School.

The audacity of Pakistan to raise voice and point fingers at Pakistan has reached heights where they say that India is destabilizing efforts of Pakistan to support fight against terrorism, when the world knows where the training camps for most of the terrorist outfits are.  We all know that likes of Lakhvi and Hafeez Saeed roam free in Pakistan and the terrorism in Kashmir is being supported by them. And to draw the attention of the world, they are making such baseless allegations that India is driving terrorism in that nation....

Pakistan, the nation that is itself two timing the world with terrorism is pointing fingers at India....and we certainly can't even laugh at that as terrorism is a serious matter to deal with...Who would know the ill effects of it more than India....the worst sufferer by the hands of terrorists

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