Thursday, April 16, 2015

Operation Rahat and Indian Media

Media and Yellow Journalism seems to have become synonyms for the time that we are living in.  Media would just report what would sell and what would bring more money to them.  And certainly it has to be controversial.  

Regarding the operation Rahat, where India really did well to bring back almost all Indians (but one) back home alive, the Indian Media was by far the last to report it.  Rather I happened to read one specific report in one of the leading publications that India responded slower than China and where the mistakes made by India were highlighted.  But that particular media house seems to have missed the boat in understanding that there were only 500+ Chinese, where as there were 4000+ Indian stranded in Yemen.  Interestingly, the western countries were also issuing travel advisory to contact Indian Mission to get evacuated from the War Torn region. 

The whole world was looking towards India to help evacuate their citizens.  However, the Indian Media was busy praising Pakistan for helping rescue 11 Indians and sending them home.  The whole limelight was occupied by that news than the efforts by the Indian Mission and Indian soldiers and other government departments to smoothly run operation Rahat.

As usual, Indian Media has proved that they are not going to publish what is right, they are going to publish what is paid for!!!!  Would have they done anything like this -
Foreign Channel CNN has covered India's successful Yemen rescue operation "Operation Rahat"

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