Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27 Another Fateful Day

Just as we the Indians woke up in our country, we were greeted with another horrifying news of yet another terror attack in just another city of India. But this time again we can't just sit relax and accept it as Just Another Attack. You must be thinking WHY not. So consider the following equations -
  • Yesterday on July 26 we celebrated Vijay Diwas to commemorate our victory in Kargil. 
  • Pakistan has time and again failed to break Kashmir away from India
  • Infiltration through LOC in J&K has become increasingly tough
  • This is the time of the year when infiltration has to happen per terrorist masterminds as another couple of months and it would be tough to infiltrate. This would mean another few months of wait.
  • So considering the above points, it so seems that the terrorist masterminds chose a porous border of Punjab. Why?Well Punjab as a state had become complacent of its action against Terrorist and everyone around thought terrorism wouldn't return.

Another aspect, what I feel would have played out in this case is of the overall disturbance they would want to create in our country so that they are able to revive the terrorism in our Country.

Now looking at the case, it would be highly suggestible to not just put the security forces of country on High Alert, but to ensure that the borders are sealed and that the attempts to infiltrate are foiled.  At this time, it is speculated that the group at Dinapur, Gurdaspur is part of a larger infiltration attempt that was successful some 25 days or a month back.  If so, then it is important to ensure that the group is or at least 1 from this group is caught Alive.  Though just now when I heard that Government has instructed the security forces to catch them live, I felt disgusted, yeah Ajmal's case played in my mind.  But. consider how critical it would be to know their plans and how critical it would be to ensure that the larger group is traced and neutralized as soon as possible.

The government needs to also ensure that the entire western border as well as the border with Nepal and Bangladesh is monitored as there have been cases where the terrorists have either infiltrated through those countries our fled through those countries.  Not that those countries are directly involved, but the borders with those countries are too porous for an easy infiltration.  

At this time, with the Gurdaspur Attack, I would be wary of the intentions of those handlers in Pakistan and try to push more and more terrorists in India and the other states that may witness similar situations would be Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Specifically talking about the Rajasthan and Gujarat, then the Government needs to note that the two states are active routes for the Drug Peddlers and illegal trade to & from Pakistan.  And well if you are thinking that these peddlers would support terrorism, then yes you are right as the peddlers would do anything for that extra money. As is these peddlers are pretty much engaged in human trafficking too.

So, at this time we need to take a few lessons home from National Security Perspective and ensure that every step is taken to curb the illegal traffic between India and Pakistan. 

Also, there is another important lesson that needs to be learned and that is for those Media Companies and Journalists. It would be better if they would not show any feed live or delayed irrespective of the situation.  The terrorist handlers sitting on the other side of the border are not idiots enough to not extrapolate the incidental situation for another 10 or 15 minutes.  The delayed feeds  depict the position of the security forces and the formation that can be well used to extrapolate the things.  Media Houses need to be behave responsible and should not just try to raise their TRP for such reporting.

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