Friday, August 7, 2015

Cooking Gas Subsidy

Just in very recent times there has been a lot flutter in the Indian Political circles as well as the normal human being's life in India. This flutter has been due to the "Subsidy" involved in the overall scheme of Cooking Gas supply.  I saw the advertisements as well as the message from the Prime Minister of India issued to the Residents / Citizens of India to give up the subsidy to help ensure that those households that still use the Cooking oil or wood or charcoal get benefited with the supply of Subsidized Cooking Gas.

Now, here the Prime Minister, his advisers and the entire team working on this campaign has failed miserably to do their research first and then start this campaign.  If they ever wanted this to be a 100% success, they should have started from taking the measure from their level.  The step 1 must have been taken at the canteens in the Parliament and the Ministerial offices. When you expect the masses to join the campaign to make it a success, the representatives of the masses need to act first.

The MPs, the MLAs, the Ministers and the Senior Government Officials should be the first one to give up the subsidy.  They are supposed to be the Super influential cadre who certainly do not need the subsidy whether at work or at home.

The big question that certainly is making round in the social media is - Why should I give up subsidy when the Super Influential Cadre doesn't do that? and certainly that is a question that must be answered by the Campaign planners.

If our "Leaders" do not want to lead an effort by expect us to still fall in line, then I am certainly NOT with them to this effect and I would certainly not support the agenda or the campaign.

Dear Prime Minister, if you want us to walk the path you show us, then ensure that the Law makers of the country are marching ahead of us.

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