Monday, November 23, 2015

Should India Do it

Terrorism has hit India hard time and again from almost the time I remember it. The problem in Kashmir was always existing from the time of freedom from British rule; the problem in Punjab was bred over years than controlled, but again is showing the sign of going the militancy way; the problem of SIMI; the problem of Indian Mujaheedin (IM); the problem of naxalites, the problem of Bodoland. One can keep counting on these points and they would be ever existing.

Most of the problems are existent in India due to state sponsored terrorism; thanks to Pakistan and to certain extent China. Pakistan would have spend more on sponsoring terrorism in India specifically in Kashmir and in Punjab than actually spending on its own development. It has always engaged in Proxy War Fare except for couple of times when it was beaten to dust by Indian Army. Still, if we would do an analysis of the Terrorist operations in India, 90% of them can be easily linked to Pakistan. There are pretty much every terrorist link that originates in Pakistan; Interesting!!!

Coming form that point, if the recent Intelligence inputs are to be believed, Pakistan's spy agency and the God Father of Terrorism in the South Asian region, ISI has plotted yet another way to create unrest in India. This time ISI went on to create communal disturbance by orchestrating murders of Hindu Leaders (may include some prominent Politicians) and thus instigating the communal riots between Hindu and Muslim Community. They are planning to use the SIMI and IM sleeper cells through the links of Dawood Ibrahim (the master mind of 1992 Mumbai Blasts). The whole game plan is expected to spread across states where the communal tensions already prevail and these include - J&K, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. If reports are to be believed, this orchestration of plan would be staged somewhere in March and April, more close to the festival of Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colors. Trailers of this showdown has already been provided for in Punjab by igniting the communal tension with the recent case of torn pages of "Guru Granth Saheb".

So, now the million dollar question to be asked is - "Should India hunt down Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar to end one of the most chased cases in world Crime?" It's not that India would be the first one to do it. We have seen US, Israel, France, Russia, Britain and couple of other nations doing it. We have witnessed India doing it on the eastern border or Myanmar. 

Though in my previous post, I had mentioned that the act of terror can be ended only and only by addressing the resentment, but of that you need both the parties on the table. With specific case of Pakistan as well as Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, the situation is something that would baffle anyone in this world. We have seen that overtime they have come on the table, their security forces or the ISI or their proxy war groups led by likes of Hafeez Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar and others have created disturbances either on the border or in the heartland India. In this case specifically, I personally feel that a surgical strike is something that is much needed to bring down the leaders of these terrorist groups.

It would however be interesting to see how the world leaders would join the forum to suggest India to restrain itself from any such surgical strike. They would preach the doctrine of negotiations and self controls and patience and what not, but they themselves would do absolutely different. So, the answer to the question - Should India Do It? lies in the way India braces the decision to do it. Conduct a surgical strike and get over the idiocy of these terrorist leaders. For once India should close its ears, stop listening to the World and go get those bastards and execute them. Yeah certainly some of the NGOs would shout out, the Prestitude Indian Media would try to make TRP news by opposing such move, the Shameless Politicians would try to raise slogans against the government and there would be few other minor disturbances in the country, but overall it would be good for India.

As per my thoughts that certainly are contradicting the doctrine of addressing the root cause, I would say that India Should Do it. India should conduct surgical strikes to wipe out likes of Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar and Hafee Saeed to create that void to connect and coordinate with the disorganized terror outfits like SIMI and IM, which operate more with the help of Sleeper Cells. I guess its high time to get this sorted out for once and for all, post which Pakistan can be dealt more with International Politics or other ways.

One thing for sure - It is time to shoot form the Gun rather than shooting from the lips and making statements like "If another Mumbai or Delhi happens, Pakistan would lose Baluchistan". Such statements basically serve as a challenge that should rather be given in action than in words. No one in India would want to witness another case or terror either in Mumbai, Delhi or elsewhere in the country.

Time to Act - Go Get Them, Do it for once!!!

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