Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Truth Hurts - Gabbar is Back

"Gabbar is Back" highlighted some of the Graft practices prevalent in the Medical Business (please do read it as a Business as I do not want to relate it with Medical Profession).  The once too honored and respected profession across the world has become a Business that is supposed to be fleecing us of our money.  Today the Medical Business has actually spread across and has also spread its wings touching other business like tourism with a new terminology being referred as "Medical Tourism

In the movie, they have shown how the hospital receives a dead guy as the patient and then charges the family of the money for treatment. Treating a dead one.  Now, that may be an extreme case, but doesn't say it is not something that happens in the reality.  We sure would never hear about such a case in the real life for such cases would not be ever revealed in the public or to the media.  This certainly doesn't seem to be the "Wishful Imagination" of the writers of the movie. Am sure they would have written this scene based on some real life experience they might have heard from someone.

Interesting point and turn out now is the Indian Medical Association - the Apex body of Medical Professionals in India has decided to object the scene and had wanted to have the scene deleted from the movie. However, when things didn't turn out in their favor, they have decided to serve legal notices to Sanjay Leela Bhansali as well as Akshay Kumar.

Now at this point in time, I am actually surprised as to why didn't IMA wake up in 2002 when the original Tamil film Ramana, the details can be accessed on - Wikipedia Page for Ramana Movie. the specific para is highlighted in the Screen Shot below - 
Ramana Movie - Wikipedia
Also, when I searched on google with the search string "ramana movie dead treated", what I saw was really shocking. It so seems that there was some case in Tamil Nadu referred as Koppiyam - Thanjavur Private Hospital Dead Body Treatment | Ramana Film Style.  The video no longer exists there as it seems to have been taken down from You-Tube.  The screen shot below reveals the search results on google - 

It raises many other questions and requires a lost of answering from IMA to have raised their voice at a time when we all are fighting against corruption.  there have been way too many cases that we may have witnesses where doctors suggest all sorts of tests even when they are not required.  There are many malpractices in the Medical Business and there are way too many corrupts getting benefited by the trade.  

To this effect, I feel that the IMA needs to focus on introspection and ensure that the medical practitioner treat the profession in the way it should be rather than converting it into a Business. 


More would follow in part two once I would have some more conclusive research completed to this effect with list of graft cases against medical practitioners...