Thursday, March 3, 2016

February 2016: Black Month of Indian Politics - Role of Media

The recent series of events in India that created a political storm are something that all seem to be well coordinated and well planned events. I was just trying to get through the overall set of incidents that all started on February 9 and are carrying on till date.  The media reports have all been covering those incidents back to back barring the most important or say positive one.

Let's have a relook at the way incidents started from February 9, 2016 in chronological order - 
  1. Anti National Sloganeering in JNU Campus - February 9 2016
  2. Anti National posters surface in JNU Campus - February 10 2016
  3. Cover Up Speech by JNUSU president including Anti RSS speech, JNUSU president arrested for Sedition - February 11, 2016
  4. Patiala Court Misshape including Lawyers and JNUSU president that is then blown out of proportion by Media
  5. Jat Reservation Stir starts - February 12, 2016
  6. Haryana burns under the riots and robbery for next 10 days or more
  7. Involvement of Congress Aide in JAT Stir is ascertained by a leaved Phone recording - February 21, 2016
  8. Audio leaked becomes viral on Social Media forcing Congress to issue show cause notice to the identified person - February 23 2016
  9. Media reports highlight Gang Rapes in Murthal near Sonepat in Haryana - February 23, 2016
  10. Punjab and Haryana High Court takes note of the media report to seek report from Haryana Govt. - February 24, 2016
  11. Incidentally the CCTV cameras around the reported site do not provide any such record or any rape and the people who were quoted in Media reports deny making any such claim of any such rape!!! Situation still not clear
Now, In the whole case the mainstream media had been repeatedly covering the above news. There was hardly any space given to a very successful roadshow conducted by Government of India for its Make in India Concept.  Incidentally most of the people I spoke to never ever remembered the dates of the Make In India road show that was conducted for one full week (February 13 - 18 2016) in Mumbai.  The only related news that I witnessed getting telecast in the mainstream media was about the Stage of Make In India catching Fire (Girgaum location). 

It was quite interesting to note how successfully the Media covered the 11 points mentioned above and just ignored to cover the Make In India roadshow where MOUs worth $222 Billion were signed.  As stated, most of the people (I spoke to about the incidents / events that transpired in India in the month of February 2016) were totally clueless about Make In India roadshow or the overall success / contributions.  None were able to recall the Make In India program efforts by the Govt of India and their knowledge was limited to the declaration by Indian PM Mr. Modi.

How interesting it is to evaluate the overall series of events and how interesting it is to note that the events successfully marred the overall success of Make in India Roadshow.  Yet again the opposition parties and the Media nexus seems to have coordinated WELL to promote negative news than the constructive outcome from the Governments' efforts....

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