Friday, September 2, 2016

Bitter Fact of Freebies - Minority Appeasement

India, the great nation of history and culture, can also be termed as the worst possible country in the world when it comes to Politics.  It's not something that we inherited from years of our history, it is something that was inherited by JLN's Congress from his masters in East India Company.  Indeed the religious divide and the minority appeasement.  Britishers when set their foot on this land had actually set their sight in the diversity and they didn't even wink to see the cracks in the overall "Unity in Diversity". From then on, they went on to the level of giving us a divided nation on the basis of Religions. 

The first Government lead by JLN went ahead and rooted the seed of caste based divide. Why, Oh Well, as part of the Vote Bank Politics, hell no.  For that matter it is very important to understand the lineage there and since I don't have enough data to go beyond 1857 AD, I am not going to discuss that matter here. But, it needs to be noted that Secular JLN and likes worked further on the agenda of crushing Sanatan Dharma or the Hindu Religion.  It is quite interesting how his daughter weds a certain Muslim Feroze Khan rechristened as Feroze Gandhi and then how things unfold in that lineage also.

Thanks to such national leaders that we went on to see the problem of Kashmir including the POK, Gilgit Baltistan and Ladakh.  How interesting it is that JLN who claimed to be a Kashmiri Pandit, never ever addressed Kashmir issue and more to it that in his term "Shaksgam Valley" a piece of India's territory to the north of Siachen Glacier was gifted by Pakistan to China and he still waited for UN mandate.  Why the hell did he go to UN to deal with the problem that was created by his short sightedness?  Further, if the lineage is of Kashmiri Pandit, why the hell in the world did 1990 incident ever happened where KPs had to take refuge in their own country?  Imagine being called refugee in your own country even after 65 years of independence.

Now to top it up, as if the caste and religious divide was not enough, JLN created another wonderful formula for Minority Appeasement - Subsidy.  So Subsidy for what? Subsidy for Religious Pilgrimage, for whom? the devote Muslims who would want to pay their visit at the holy shrine of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.  I simply fail to understand that when followers of other religion want to pay visit to their shrines, they are to pay their own expenses and then to top it up those expenses include various taxes including various tolls, service charges etc etc.  No ain't an intentional way to create communal divide? and then they want us to call India as a Secular Republic?  When we don't see that at par treatment, then why should be it a Secular Republic? 

Another aspect to look at is the "Muslim Law Board", why do we need that?  If India is one Sovereign Socialist Secular Republic, then whey in the world do we need separate set of laws? One set for Muslims and second one for the rest of them?  Ain't it another idiocy of Minority Appeasement?  

Third aspect is one of the most recent revelation to me at least and am sure most of the other fellow citizens would have been startled as well with that; the revelation I am hinting at is the Free Flights, Hotels and Other amenities to the Kashmiri Separatist Leaders from Hurriyat Conference and likes. It is said that every year Indian Government spends roughly Rs. 100 crore (Rs. 1 billion) on providing these facilities and these freebies to the likes of Gelani.  Why? may be someone in the ancestral Congress Government would have wanted to bribe them and keep them happy to reduce the noise or god knows if that was something that was devised to find them officially to keep the lamp burning. How interesting that the separatist leaders who fuel the terrorism, violence and agitation in the state of Jammu & Kashmir are funded by Indian tax payers' money.  What would it be called other than Appeasement? 

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