Saturday, September 17, 2016

Kashmir Turmoils

One Erica Derrickson claiming to be an actress, photographer and what not also claims to be a Human Rights Activist and the way she has put up her Voice Blog on youtube about the atrocities of Indian Armed forces on Kashmir is really hilarious. She claims that she had been to Kashmir and has "Seen" the atrocities of pallet guns and rapes by Indian forces and that Indian forces are illegally occupying the state of J&K. "WOW" what an (il)informed person she is, am sure acting on M(oney)power and not B(rain)power.

I am seriously wondering about what does she know about #Kashmir and the situation in #Kashmir? Is she even aware that the videos out there clearly show the way these misguided youths actually go out all the way to invite the trouble with the Indian Armed forces? She might not have seen the way India Armed forces actually warn the Stone Pelting Crowd before retaliating.  She might not have even met those 3000+ Indian Armed forces personnel who received grave injuries due to stone pelting. She might not be literate enough to know the amount of funds that are diverted from Indian Tax Payer money for development of Kashmir.  This is a sheer nonsensical jingoism that she is resorting to apart from our own Nawazon se pali Barkha Dutt and the well known dumb #yellowjournalism followers like Sagarika Ghose, Rana Ayyub and party.

She should probably also go to #POK and #GilgitBaltistan; what happens in #POK is something she needs to find out, What happens in #GilgitBaltistan is what needs to learn. She needs to stop forcing the myth of the smallest area of the territory of #JammuKashmir that is the valley and try to force it as view of entire territory. 

It is very astonishing that people like her wouldn't even know that the area of Jammu and Laddhakh do not want to even continue to be part of J&K to be called #Kashmiri and relate them to this unrest raised by the paid supporters of #Pakistan. Probably, her masters and handlers haven't told her that #Kashmir would lose its sovereignty as a state, why should they tell that as it is something that would spoil their game. I challenge people like Erica to dare and ask people in #POK who do not have the freedom to even elect their government, they do not have the statehood and moreover, they are being ruled by people who do not belong to that area.

I have an open question to Erica and the likes brigade to explain why the sons and daughters of Syed Salauddin, Yaseen Mallik, Mirwaiz, and others like them do not feature in the idiotic movement? Can these idiots not understand how father of #BurhanWani got that big an estate when he is a poor headmaster? 

It indeed is appalling situation that they killed scores of #kashmiripandits and then they attacked other locations including #Parliment and #Mumbaiserialblasts. These scum bags talk only what they are fed and what they are paid for. They don't even understand that this would lead them to path of destruction the way #Pakistan is resorting to #genocide in #Balochistan.

My overall suggestion to Erica and likes of her is to read the Indian History from 10th Century AD and first read about the #Genocide of #KashmiriPandits...How their women's were raped and how thousands been killed by Muslim extremist in Kashmir valley since then. It has been thousands of years of oppression of #KashmiriPandits but they never picked up arms and never revolted like this. The misguided youth in Kashmir is only missed about liberation and if they do everything like hoisting #ISIS flag or #Pakistani-flag and you supporting them means indirectly you are supporting #terrorism.  

Erica, you have loads to answer and come clean on this one...

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