Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Article 370 and Refugees

It is a very interesting case where the article 370 specifically crafted out at the time of JLN doesn't provide any rights of settlement in J&K to Indian citizens. Moreover, those who migrated to the state after a particular date or time haven't been given the right to vote and right to apply for government post in the state.  The gravity of the situation is so gross that the Kashmiri Brahmins were literally thrown out of the Kashmir Valley, their homes, to become refugees in own country and live in camps away from their rightful place in their homes in J&K.

Now, come the case of Rohingyas from either Bangladesh or Myanmar, all the rules and all the cases of cultural imbalance are being thrown out of the window by the state government to let the specific organizations settle these Refugees from altogether another country in J&K and more so in the Jammu & Laddakh areas.  

Why is the question that needs to be answered by the state government, supported by non other than BJP.  It indeed is a pretty serious or should I say precarious situation that would go long way to create more crisis in the state by actually creating an imbalance in the two belts that are predominantly non-muslim areas.  

Should we actually look at the case where both the Jammu as well as Laddakh had raised the concern of violence in Kashmir Valley to separate from the country. Representatives form the two regions went out to the extent of seeking separation from J&K into their own regions and still stay with India.

So, now why is the Secular sect of India so silent on this state sponsored migration to J&K region creating cultural imbalance? Why is media not highlighting the case and bringing out the facts to all of us.  Interestingly this very same media was at the forefront of reporting against palate guns and talking in favor of stone pelters; this media was the one fueling the fire and putting words in mouth of anti-India movement.

For me, it is the high time that article 370 itself is repealed and the state of J&K in itself welcomes all the citizens of India equally.  This will not just have flourishing trade, but also all round development of the region as a whole.

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