Sunday, March 19, 2017

Catching up on UP Elections

Five states in India underwent Assembly elections earlier this month and the results were not too encouraging for the opposition parties.  The current ruling party BJP won with clear majority in two states - Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand where as with some support formed Government in Manipur and Goa. The only state they lost elections is Punjab, the state where it so seems that anti-incumbancy wave against Akali Dal took toll on the election results with Congress (INC) winning majority of seats there.  Interesting though that INC could save that one state to get some grace marks.

However, Indian media is all gong ho about the results in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh that can actually define the results of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.  The specific wave that is getting built once again is the "20% Muslim" voters in Uttar Pradesh not getting a Muslim representative. How interesting it is that the Pseudo Literates and Pseudo Liberals of India are amazed on "How can BJP gain such a massive support in Uttar Pradesh when they didn't field a single Muslim candidate?" They totally overlook the major swing that BJP saw in the eastern state of Manipur where they won 21 seats starting from 0 from the last assembly elections.  Though this may not seem to be a swing in favor of BJP per say, but somewhere it may be a swing resounding the support for Nation's Government lead by Mr. Modi.

I am not sure how literate are the Pseudo Literates in the country that when they open their mouth, they can only talk about the religious divide. Incidentally, these Pseudo Literates try to impose that they are nations' voice. They forget that the News Channel where they think they are being invited and where they would spew their venom on caste and religion, doesn't have a viewership of 2% from where it was a leader. Indeed, I am talking about NDTV and the show that was hosted by Vikram Chandra.  I just watched it for 2 minutes in between my channel surfing and boom, all I could hear was religious divide. As I said, these Pseudo Literates seem to have forgotten that it was the Central Government that spoke about the honor of women including the Muslim Women and it was they who spoke against the inequality prevailing in the Muslim communities where women is treated more like a slave than a family member.  It was the voice against triple talaq that made the difference for the Muslim women who thought at last someone is taking their side.  It doesn't matter whether someone supporting them was Hindu or Muslim, for them it was someone who spoke about their dignity and that's what seems to have swung the votes of Muslim voters in favor of BJP and BJP won even those seats which were dominated by Muslim voters.

I am not sure how and and when these simple and easy to understand points would be learned by the Pseudo Literates and not sure when they would be able to rise above the Religion and Caste business.    Also, I am not sure when the 80% result swing could be seen with 4 out of 5 states voting for BJP, why are these pseudo liberals stuck only to results in one state?

Ah, and before I close this topic rather than stretching, I recalled the Behenji was so hurt that she point at the EVMs favoring BJP (were the EVMs also Religious?) and then The greatest comedian of our times picked up to be thrashed by the Judiciary

Author's Note: Interestingly, it so sounds that while conveying the probable cause of the vote swing, even I caused some communal divide. But, that is not what I intended to. 

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