Sunday, May 27, 2007

Love is Lost or it Changed its Form

Love is something that we think is lost when we depart from our beloved or our friends or family. But is it true? Is there really loss of love?

When I look around, think and ponder on these questions the very thought mesmerizes me. The thought that the Love is never lost. It always comes back to us in one or other form. Over the period of time, I have come to a stand point though not conclusion as of yet that the Love that we think is lost, actually changes its form.

Right from Childhood, its the Love from parents, then its the Love from brothers/sisters, then friends, teachers and then Girlfriend(s) and many more forms. We always miss a form of love or other. For that matter even the Form of Love that mother exhibits is different than the Form of Love a Father would. So its just the change in form and not the Loss of Love. May be just think and ponder on these thoughts....

This feeling actually reduces the pain of Loss and helps achieving greater heights in the receipt of Love be it in any for.

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