Monday, January 14, 2008

The Perfect U-Turn - BCCI negating to Call Back The Team India

In my previous Article – “Pawar's Power Punch - But Why Wait Till Adelaide ” I happen to write thatI was just amused as to whether it is Power Punch or a typical Pawar Punch oops meant Political Punch” and well it proved to be the exact Political turn when I read the Newspaper on Sunday.

Wonderful, or rather we should say marvelous. Do we expect this kind of turn around by BCCI? Well for those who know the history of the BCCI answer lies in a BIG YES.

Moreover now what we get to know is BCCI itself is on the wrong end that it failed to provide legal help to Bhajji when the adjudicator aka Match Referee Mike Procter himself consulted a Lawyer on the subject matter of alleged Racial Abuse by Bhajji. More so when BCCI has atleast 3 prominent personalities on its panel and all the three are lawyers. More so, BCCI spokesperson claimed that they didn’t know that Mike Procter consulted any Lawyer and no such name is there on any ICC Official Release. But its for all of us to know that Mike Procter did consult a Lawyer and the name was clearly stated in the release from ICC. Does anything else require to be highlighted for the lapse on BCCI’s part?

Now for say its turning out to be quite a show from BCCI and reminds me of the movie – “Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa” and all I can do is to laugh at the matter. Well laugh because the entire country is just amused, I guess so and everyone is eagerly waiting for the next move or should we say next scene of the comic movie.

Isn’t it better for the country to stand united at this moment and raise a united voice to call back the Team India? Or shouldn’t Government simply Ban BCCI from calling the representative team as Team India?

Isn’t it simply a mockery that one day they call it a matter of nations’ pride and very next day they make a statement that ridicules the entire population’s thoughts?

For me to say the least, BCCI if continues to tour in the situation where Bhajji’s fate is hanging it would better for the sponsors to walk out of the contracts, better for the media to provide the coverage and more so the Government should tell BCCI to Stop using the name – Team India and stop the players from using the Tri-color on their helmets and other accessories.


Mayank Trivedi

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