Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pawar's Power Punch - But Why Wait Till Adelaide

As had written in my previous two blog posts ( and (, I had been closely following the ongoing India-Australia series and the danger looming over it post the Controversial Sydney Test.

And well today got to read the Article – “Clear Bhajji or Tour’s off: Pawar” (, the first page article on Time of India (Mumbai Edition).

While going through the article I was just amused as to whether it is Power Punch or a typical Pawar Punch oops meant Political Punch. If BCCI is so much worried about the overall pride of the Country, why is Team India still in Australia? I mean this is ridiculous for team India to wait till the Adelaide test for the final verdict. Its pretty clear that the interest of ICC to delay the test is in actuality the interest of Cricket Australia kindly read Financial Interest of Cricket Australia.

It is pretty well known that there is a huge amount hanging in dis-balance and comprising of sponsorship, telecast rights, ticket sales and quite a few other item heads that’s not going to be there in case the tour is called off. Well yes some one may say that the penal clause would get the required reprieve to Cricket Australia, but please do note that the Penal clause would not fetch Cricket Australia anything more than $2.5 or so from BCCI, and for BCCI that’s just a peanut amount (We all know that and are proud to know that, let me repeat there, BCCI is one of the richest Sports Club and certainly richest Cricket Club in the World). Cricket Australia would still be in huge losses even if they receive the Penal amount.

Now here, I refer back to the Article that says – Clear Racial Charges Against Harbhajan or Team India Will Head Home and on the details it reads before Adelaide Test. Well if Team India has to head home, it has to head home now, and not just before Adelaide Test. Why should India even play the Perth Test?

My Point comes from the another fact as highlighted in the referred article that the hearing should be held within 7 days from the day the appeal against a decision is received. Ah and now I guess its already been atleast 5 days when the Team India and BCCI filed the appeal against the Ban.

Moreover, let me also highlight the reason for Calling Team India back home – “Complain Against Harbhajan was heard immediately after the test on last Sunday and it ran late in the night on that day. Why is that the Complaint against Mr. Brad Hogg is still pending to be heard on January 14, 2008 just couple of days ahead of Perth Test?”

Isn’t it quite clear that even at the Administrative Levels in Cricket and ICC, they are playing the game of RACISM against Team India?

Its high time that BCCI puts its foot down and not only gets Bhajji cleared from the controversial decision of the ban but also to have the Sydney test Annulled and the result being declared Null and Void


Mayank Trivedi

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