Sunday, November 8, 2009

'Force One', upgraded police to guard Mumbai soon

Just read the article Article - 'Force One', upgraded police to guard Mumbai soon on NDTV website. Article discuses about the formation of Quick Response Team (QRT), Force One and other measures taken to ensure Strengthening the Security Cover around Mumbai.

However, I am a little skeptical about the overall efforts being pursued on an ongoing basis. We had seen formation of similar Tourist Security Squad or something few years back, which was more related to be the Patrol to ensure security at various tourist spots and beaches. However that proved to be a fizz and the Commando force which had been created with much fan fare is hardly to be seen around except for chasing late night party goers on the beach.

The steps taken post 26/11 are indeed commendable, but what I think is - The work done would be well complimented only if they continue to work on this on an ongoing basis. The training to the Force One and QRT needs to be ongoing and the weapons be up-to-date to ensure that they do work when needed and do not get jammed like the old ones.

Also, if Fishermen have been involved to provide information, it indeed would call for tracking their numbers to ensure that they are not misused for other activities. Trust is good, but added vigilance steps are must.

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