Thursday, March 18, 2010

FIR for "Bee Attack" - Nice way to Distract Public

I guess most of you would have been aware of the situation where one of the Chief Minister is identified as wearing the Money Garland and spending thousands of croses of Rupees on parks and statues. Now the same CM has identified a nice way to Distract Public Attention by assigning a DIG to probe the "Bee Attack' on one of the Party Rally. Interesting an FIR too has been launched as Reported

I had the news of DIG probe order, but then an FIR launched under Sections 435 (lighting fire to cause damage) and 285 (causing disturbance in any public place) is something very much a way to Divert Public Attention and an Attempt to Gain Public Sympathy. Who knows that tomorrow they might slap Section 307 - Attempt to Murder on some one who might be identified as the culprit. Yeah certainly when Section 435 (lighting fire to cause damage) can be slapped, there is high possibility to gain more sympathy for the so called leader. The leader who spent money on parks and statues and wore money garland, and yeah spent lavish money to celebrate b'day.

Sounds funny, but it is the case where the Governance and Public Welfare has been mocked, poverty is ever increasing, but the Leader is busy trying to evade all the public property for one's own welfare. One of the biggest Shame to the world's biggest Democracy......


  1. Mayank Bhai,

    All the things which are presently going on in the name of Democracy is actually the mockery of the very word...Sad that these people are called as Stalwart leaders and are treated as mascots for emancipation of certain communities

  2. I really like you blog... its updates me on current affairs sometimes which i miss out in paper / TV news... and also it gives another perspective on the topic... thank you very much