Friday, September 24, 2010

I demand for only one Reservation - Forward Class Reservation

Thanks to one of my colleague who came with a counter idea to my previous blog on Nation's Case of Shame - Caste Based Reservations. I tend to agree with that counter from him and I would say "What an Idea Sirjee" ;)

I guess it would be the easiest solution to follow the golden rule of 80-20, where you create reservation for the forward classes for upto 20% and rest 80% can be left for the SC/ST, OBC and other minority classes.  I guess that would also solve the problem of reservation quota division and the breach of the Cap that is there on reservations.  I don't think that the forward classes would have any issues with the overall division as forward classes as is do not have much problem with this reservation stuff (I hope so)....

And the benefit, you would get atleast 20% cream and when you open the rest 80% for competition and merit criteria among backward classes, I am sure that they would also generate positive results to give more creame-de-soupe.

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