Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Was She Playing? - Part V

Continued from Was She Playing - Part IV....

Rishabh, Alisha and Tapan look around for Shivangi while the rest of the gang not knowing about the scene as created just enjoys and grooves to the party music.  

Tapan spots Shivangi hiding behind a pillar and he approaches her with mixed feelings of how and what he should be saying to Shivangi.  Though Rishabh told him that Shivangi considers him like her brother, but he did see Shivangi's love for Rishabh in her tears and in her expressions when she had moved out a while ago.  As he gets near Shivangi, Shivangi looks at him and catching him by his collar says -

"I am not sure why do I become gloomy and why do I just try to not believe in the word Love in the modern world.  I am not sure why whenever I have had been in Love or whenever I tried to believe in Love, the destiny ensured to prove it otherwise.  I am not sure why the destiny has to play devil in this case.  Yes I loved Rishabh to the best I could, but he loved Alisha and they are getting married.  He always thought I consider him my brother and he always treated me like his own sister. I am not sure if I would ever be able to come out of my feelings for Rishabh, I don't know if I would be able to devote my love to someone else.  I know Tapan, somewhere you have a feeling for me and I think you love me, but I consider you as a friend, the friend who is always there for me to help me and to listen to me.  Yes, it's true that I don't love you!!!!!"

Tapan just looks at Shivangi with a mixed expression of disbelief, shock and anger.  He is not able to understand what is he supposed to say and how is he supposed to react.  He stands there looking at Shivangi, who has been crying inconsolably and his mind has stopped responding. He has gone totally Senseless.

He starts backing off from there leaving Shivangi to her tears.  He walks towards the Door when Alisha confronts him and asks him what's the matter? He just looks at his with a lost expression, with heavy eyes and walks out of the door.  Alisha chases him and catching hold of his hand tells him - "I did hear Shivangi telling you that she doesn't love you and I know it well that you love her the most.  I know its really hard for you to believe, but it is for sure that she is in love with someone and she was to let all of us know today. What happened between you and her that she is crying inconsolably there and you are walking out from here like a log of wood. I have seen love for her in your eyes and I am sure you love her, then how could you leave her in such a state?" Tapan neither answers her nor he tells her anything, but just walks away from her towards his car. He gets in his cars and just drives out from there without knowing where is he headed.

Alisha runs inside once again and when she reaches where Rishabh and Shivangi were seated, she tells Rishabh to wind up the party and holds Shivangi. Shivangi by then had gained her composure and Alisha hands over a glass of water for her to drink. Shivangi takes sip and looks at Alisha as if asking where is Tapan?, to which Alisha tells her that he just left and was in a bad state of mind. She also tells her that he seemed to have been in lost state of mind and she is highly concerned about his safety as he might meet an accident if he drives in that state of mind.

Shivangi looks at him and says - "He is an amazing driver and his senses work pretty good whatever state of mind he might be in.  If he seemed to be in lost state of mind, I know where he would have headed and where to find him.  please take me to him as in anger I told him something that wasn't true.  i need to apologize to him and tell him the truth." As she completes, Rishabh arrives and asks her where she wanted to go to which Shivangi tells him the location near the creek and the direction from where one can drive to that point. Rishabh and Alisha tell her to move and they get out of Shangrila, get in the car and Rishabh starts driving towards the location as told by Shivangi.

As they approach the location, they could hear the sound of violin and Shivangi tells them to head in the direction of the sound as that tune being played is composed by Tapan and is his tune to help him compose and get out of the unbalanced state of mind.  As they get nearer and nearer, the depth of music and they realize that the tune is depicting a shattered heart and lost mind.  Rishabh blurts out "He loves you a lot Shivangi, he loves you a lot".  They see Tapan's car parked and Rishabh pulls over next to it.  Tapan just looks in their direction as his concentration was broken by the sound of a dieing engine.  As he sees Shivangi getting down from the car, he just stops playing the violin and gives her a stare as if saying "now what?" 

Shivangi gets closer to him, holds his face in her hands, kisses on his forehead and says - "I am sorry Tapan and I really mean it.  I know what I told you in Shagrila must have hurt you the most, but it was not intentional.  I had wanted to tell you that I Love You and I had thought I would confess of my love for you on my b'day. I wanted to gift my love to you on my b'day and in turn getting you in gift from you.  But, may be the lack of communication in recent months made you feel gloomy and when you thought of Rishabh as my fiance, I lost my mind to have told you all that.  I have missed you a lot all the time we could not speak and I don't want to miss this date when I wanted us to be starting a new, a fresh relation.  I Love You Tapan..." as she completes her words letting her voice trail, she slides down on the ground holding Tapan's hand and rests her head on Tapan's palm.

Rishabh tells Alisha - "And I thought only Tapan is a maniac." Alisha just gives him a stare of mock anger.....

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