Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From Acquaintence to Love

Before I start about the stuff that is hinted in the title of this post, let me make it pretty clear to those who believe in Love at First Sight, this is not the post that might please you as I Don't believe in Love at First Sight.  For me that is purely Infatuation or Lust as it goes by the Physical Appearance or similar stuff that catches your sight and pleases your eyes first.

Coming back to the point, Love claimed is a phenomenon that in my opinion matures with time and comes to an age with time.  For the perspective I look at and understand Love, it starts from mutual acquaintance to mutual admiration to mutual liking and then one reaches the stage that we call Love.

It is pretty interesting to observe how few of us cover the journey of being acquainted to being a couple in short span of time and there are others who take more time and do it at a slower pace.  I for that matter believe in the slower pace of getting acquainted, then getting to know the likes and dislikes, interests & hobbies and other qualities that my counterpart would have. Well, certainly in today's fast paced lifestyle people like me are more often known as Laggards and I simply laugh at that.  Why?? Well simply because the people calling the slow paced a laggard tend to forget that slow and steady wins the race.

For the fast paced cases of love I have often seen that even after proclaiming to be in love, there are many differences between them and they more often waste time in sorting out those issues than spending quality time with each other and complimenting the deficiencies in each other.  The slow paced or the so called laggards ensure that when they are understanding the person before proclaiming their love, they do understand the deficiencies in the person's nature / behavior / capabilities etc and then ensure that they would love to support person they love in the areas where he / she would need their help / assistance....

So if I actually look at the three types of Lovers -
  1. Those who believe in Love at First Sight
  2. Those who are Fast at Proclaiming
  3. Those who are Slow Paced or Laggards 
I derive an opinion that Love at First Sight changes with the change in Sight :)), Fast Paced Switch out of their relations equally fast and then they rue about the misdemeanor by their EX and the slow paced or the Laggards relish the company complimenting each other and even if they have to depart from each other, they do not rue.  They simply take it in their stride and move on with life, certainly remembering the moments relished in the glory of past.  However, I have certainly witnessed cases of Pre-nuptial departure in the first two cases that actually Go Sour, I have not witnessed a single  case where the Pre-nuptial departure would have ever gone sour.  I have actually witnessed the cases where the people from third case as mentioned above are friends rather family friends even after their marriages... and that has kept their respective marriage bond strong......

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