Friday, August 5, 2011

The Missing Link

I have been a traveler for almost 8 years in a row....Business Traveler would rather be the right expression for me.  I have always enjoyed traveling as it had been a Business trips where I used to find time for my favorite Hobby - Photography.  I know most of you would think I would say writing, but writing is my favorite Activity and not an Hobby.  Flare for writing comes to me natural and unlike Photography, writing is way too effortless for me.  For Photography tests my Patience a lot, specifically when I want that Perfect Capture.  I have had many instances during my Business Travel Weekends that I have been waiting for a specific target to be in a specific posture and well at times I got it or at other i didn't.  Yeah that's what the Nature and Wildlife Photography is all about.  It requires time and it requires patience, something that I certainly can't squeeze in my routine day-to-day transactions.  Writing is something that I can and I do squeeze in my day-to-day routine without disturbing my work schedule.

Anyways, coming back to the point of my traveling experiences that I had till date. All my travels except the current one have been awesome and I have had good sweet memories of each of the trips.  Somehow, this time around, I am not actually enjoying the travel that I have undertaken.  I am not with myself this time and I am not even looking at using my spare time (that I anyways have scarcity of) to something constructive or to engage in Photography either.  I guess this time I am totally lost and am out of my thoughts as well as creativity.  My colleagues who know me tell me that even my Wit has given space to the serious and monotonous looks on my face.

I am no sure why but this time around I have become more robotic to leave for client office in the morning and then heading back to Hotel in the evening. I am shocked that the charm of returning to Hotel and then leaving for some driving and photography has worn out.  It is not that I have saturated with the amount of driving or photography I have done.  I have not as when I take on the wheels, I certainly drive towards newer areas and get newer set of photographs through my camera.  I am not even thinking of doing that this time, strange for me though.

I have been quite a lot perplexed on what is the Missing Link this time around that is pushing me back towards home and that is holding me away from my regular self....I am missing something bigtime that I want to be home sooner

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