Thursday, August 4, 2011

Selfish Vixens

Can the Society accept that girls can be really selfish to play around with the feelings of guys?  I would be skeptical if I were not the witness to few cases.  The level of the selfishness of the females involved in this cases was at such a height that I was shocked.  One of them somewhat similar to what was portrayed in the Movie Aitraaz (starring Akshay Kumar, Kareena Karpoor and Priyanka Chopra) and then there were few cases that could be well related to the Movie Pyaar Ka Panchnama.

I know the readers might think that why this guy is writing on this aspect when from ages guys have been Using girls for their purposes, be it family matters or Male ego or any other reason.  But what I am trying to highlight in this post is the way the girls have started Using guys who show a slight tender and care towards them.  I am certainly not opining on what is right or it a guy using a girls for his purpose or a girl using a guy for her purpose, its certainly a sign of materialistic and opportunistic society, not the regular society that we would love to be part of. 

So, The first case that I hinted about rocked my senses like anything.  The female was exploiting the situation to her benefit even though she is married to someone in a respectable job.  She was indulged in Extra-Marital relationship with this guy incidentally he also is married.  The female went to the limits of blackmailing the guy, strange ain't it??  I could not even understand the motive behind the behavior or the female involved, I mean she threatening the guy about committing suicide and all that stuff, for what?? Now this is something that I have not heard of even if a guy would have threatened a girl...

The other cases were more so common these days. I guess it has become a routine for me to talk to or chat with these guys who need a helping hand to come out of their shattered state of mind after realizing that the girl with whom they had been going around for ages was involved in just a time-pass.  Well my standard question to them is - "Do you think she is hanging around because you ask her out? or because she wants to hang around with you?"  the answers are not that important to share here, but yeah they really are more or less similar.

One such recent case that came to me was of this particular guy who was in love with a girl who was his schoolmate and they had been a company that people would always envy.  But this day when he proposed her, she told him that she already loves someone. The guy took it in his stride and they still were a good company to each other.  Suddenly the behavior of the girl changed towards the guy making the guy feel she loves him.  When he asked her the question, she told him to wait for sometime.  Then one fateful day the girl tells the guy that she doesn't love him but as they had been a good company for this long, she was trying to get away with the betrayal she was served in her affair by the other guy.  She confessed to him that she sought his support and she was playing with his feeling to get away with own problems.  The guy was shocked, though didn't react in front of the girl but once back home, he tried committing suicide by cutting his wrist.  He was rushed to the hospital and he survived.  I came to know of this case from him friends when I asked them the reason of his extreme step after donating my blood to save his life. I suggested to them that if the girl tries to get near him, they need to show her the door and ensure that she never gets to meet him.

There is the third sort of case which is comic as well as tragic. This case is about this female who thought her love life was ruined because of this particular guy who was her boyfriend's friend.  She felt that this guy is being spoil sport and because of him, she and her boyfriend are not able to spend quality time together.  Strangely she dumped her boyfriend and married this guy to revenge him.  And she made his life miserable by all means she could.  The guy thought, with time she would get over with her violent ways, but nothing positive came out of it. He patiently waited for ten years with no physical relation between them, yes they used to live under the same roof as legally wedded husband and wife, but they had separate bedrooms.  And one fine day he find out that she still has relations with her ex boyfriend and they still are seeing each other.  Yeah the another case of extra marital affair of a female. The guy simply packs his bags and leaves the house with a note for the female that if she wishes he is ready to give her the divorce and transfer the house on her name with some monthly maintenance.  The female was shocked with the treatment and she committed suicide leaving a note of apology to the guy she was married to.

I mean these incidents and many more that I can recount give me a real shock to believe in or trust any female around.
And then they say - Men are dogs.....what would say after reading the cases above??? What are Women turning out to be then????

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