Saturday, June 30, 2012

Clemency Petitions

Clemency -  Disposition to be Merciful and especially to moderate the severity of Punishment Due.

In India, there is a provision for the convicts sentenced to Capital Punishment to file a Clemency Petition.  But do they do any good to the cases?  Let's have a look at the typical case that got highlighted just a couple of weeks earlier - 

A Convict sentenced Capital Punishment for Raping a Minor and then killing her had filed a Clemency Petition in the office of President of India.  Interesting twist to the case was that the Culprit was diagnosed with AIDS and he died 9 years back.  And the embarrassing situation - "President of India grants Clemency" to the dead.

Another case, a terrorist who was charged for Waging War against the Nation and is sentenced for Capital Punishment.  There is a lot of debate between NGOs and in the Political cordons that the identified terrorist should be granted Clemency.  Why? because they think in the civilized world, there is no scope for Clemency. Pretty Interesting....Civilized, do these terrorists belong to civilized world?

The question for the readers and the citizens of the country to answer is -

  1. What should be the qualification criteria for the Clemency Petitions? 
  2. What should be the process of accepting the Clemency Petitions?
  3. What should be the time period to notify the acceptance / rejection of Clemency Petition?
  4. What should be the period to Honor Clemency Petitions?
My Take for the first question is - "Any proven Terrorist's Clemency Petition should be Rejected by Default"  The act of War against Nation MUST result in Capital Punishment and there Should NOT be any scope of leniency with the Enemy of the Nation!!

For the question 2 to 4, my take would be to ensure that the Clemency Petitions are thoroughly investigated and evaluated within a defined time-frame say of 4 to 6 months.  It certainly should not take years and cause embarrassment to the highest office, the office of President.  There we need to come out of Bureaucratic Red Tapism and delays!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guy's Ordeal

He was born on the 11th day of the darkening part of the month.  Just four days ahead of the most celebrated new moon day of the Hindu Calendar.  The wee hour he was born was quite illuminated with the rays of rising sun. Everything was awesome and nice for him to be born on that day and during the time that is said to be the auspicious time at the start of the day.  The Gods showered their all blessings on him and he was bestowed with the all the luck and success.  

But it seems that the god of love was either too tired to get his aim right or the dust thrown up in the air due to the mass movement of the moving cattle herds, did the trick. He seems to have shot the right arrow, but the arrow missed the aim by a huge margin.  He had the luck to get the company of the best of the lot, but never had the luck to be loved. 

Gods gave him a Heart that was as plain as the glass sheet and as soft as the tender leave.  He was gifted with the will power to help that coupled with his caring attitude.  He was always seen as the Mr. Dependent by his friends and peer group.  

With best of their ability, Gods gifted him with the qualities of Love, Affection and Commitment with Loyalty and Gratitude to live the life in the simplest way that he could.  He always respected his elders and more specifically his parents.  He never ever disobeyed them and always sacrificed for their happiness. Just for seeing a smile on their face, he could go to any extent even if that included him sacrificing his own happiness.

He was always a Giver in his life, be it helping others to achieve their motto or sacrificing to see happiness and smile on the face of his loved ones. He never wished ill of anyone, nor did he ever did any wrong  unto others.  But he was often used, his caring and giving nature was often abused and he was often thrown away like a piece of unwanted bone in the chicken or lamb dish. He was often made the scapegoat for own benefit by his own friends and those who claimed to have loved him.  He though knew that he is being Used, never reacted because he always believed - "Someone can use him, but can't take his fate away from him."  He always believed that one day there would be someone who would really love him and irrespective of his past and present.  He always believed that there would be someone who would hold his hand and walk him through the final frontiers of the Life.  

He is still out somewhere living his life with his own set of principles and looking for "Someone" special to make his life what Gods forgot to bless him for!!!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

तड़प तड़प कर - एक विशेष गाना

कुछ गाने होते हैं जो आपके जेहन में एक अमिट छाप छोड़ जाते हैं| ऐसा ही एक गाना है फिल्म "हम दिल दे चुके सनम से" गाने के बोल कुछ इस तरह के हैं -

बेजान दिल को तेरे इश्क ने जिंदा किया
फिर तेरे इश्क ने ही इस दिल को तबाह किया

गाने में एक तड़प है, मोहब्बत में धोखा खाए एक दिल का दर्द है|  कितना सही लिखा है इसमें और कितना दर्द है इस गाने में कि खुद सलमान खान जितनी बार इस गाने को सुनते थे सेट्स पर और आज भी, उनकी आँखों में आँसूं आ जाते हैं|

इस गाने की शुरुआत जितनी दर्द भरी है, इसके अंतरे में भी उतनी ही तड़प है -

अगर मिले खुदा तो पूछुंगा खुदाया
जिस्म देके मिटटी का, शीशे का दिल क्यूँ बनाया
और उसपे दे दिया फितरत के यह करता है मोहब्बत
वाह रे वाह तेरी कुदरत......

कभी कभी सोचता हूँ तो इस गाने के बोल महबूब साहब ने जब लिखे होंगे तो उन्हें जेहन में क्या चल रहा होगा?  कितनी तड़प होगी उनके दिल में कि उन्होंने इतने दर्द भरे बोल लिखे?

और इस गाने के लिए  इस्माइल-दरबार की जोड़ी ने भी क्या सही संगीत दिया है, उसकी भी दाद देनी पड़ेगी|  गाने के बोल अगर गाने की जान हैं तो उसका संगीत उस गाने का शरीर हैं| और उस गाने की धडकन है है उसके गायक KK की आवाज़|

कुछ भी हो इस गाने को मेरे ख्याल से हर संगीत प्रेमी पसंद करता होगा|

मेरी कोशिश है कि काश कभी मैं इस गाने के जैसा कुछ लिखूं| यह मेरी ख्वाहिश रहेगी या नहीं यह तो वक़्त का ही फरमान होगा|

शायद एक दिन......दिल की उस आग से मेरा भी सामना होगा कि मैं ऐसा गाना लिखूं.......शायद किसी की कहानी में इतना दर्द हो कि मैं भी उसमें डूब कर ऐसे कुछ बोल लिखूं.....

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Live Real, Live Practical

Living in the world of fantasies is the worst sin that you can commit to yourself.  What is needed and expected by you from yourself is to come out in the big bad world of reality and live real and live practical.  Every one of us has one or other fantasy that we live with, but we should ensure that we do not live in the moments of fantasy, but realize that the world requires a practical approach towards life.

By practical approach to life what I mean to say is that we must realize that the things around us do not always happen as we think.  The people around us are not always the best of the set that we may think and we may believe.  We often get carried away by the fantasies of our life and find that we have opened our darker secrets to someone who is creating a mockery of it now and is now trying to exploit us and the situations to get benefited.

There are several moments during which we actually do not realize what we are doing and what we are upto. And in Real and Practical life these moments hurt us the most.

So be Practical and Live Real than living in the fantasies of the life.  Floating in fantasies is good till we are not hurt, but floating beyond a level is certain to get us reality Bites, and when it bites, it bites hard....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

From the Pages of Diary

Dear Diary

Today once again I am with you because I want to pen down some beautiful memories of the day.  Yes you guessed it right, we met today.  We did meet today and you know she is all elegance personified in the beauty and the brains. Certainly She has all the qualities that serve the reason for me to love her.  She is such a nice and down to earth human being even though She knows She's beautiful and one of the most wanted person in the college. You know that her mannerism, her beauty, her simplicity in fact her everything is a mesmerizer for me.

So, when we met today,  I was a bit late and when I reached she was sitting there on the beach facing the sea. She seemed to have been unhappy with me for I was late.  I don't know how did she realize that I have reached and as I approached her, She said just sit there only.  Then without turning she started speaking, I don't know what all she spoke as I was too mesmerized by the sweetness in her voice and the melody in her voice.  I was just lost in her fragrance hitting me with the passing sea breeze.  I was just listening to her and I was lost.

Before I could realize, she stood up patted my cheek and just vanished somewhere in the crowd.  

It was such beautiful to meet her today. So what if she didn't come in show me her face.  I still love her and I know somewhere in some corner of her heart she also loves me.  I know that somewhere she is compelled to not love me and she is trying to suppress her feelings for me. I know She is Avoiding me, but I know she still loves me and Every Moment I spend with her is beautiful and becomes part of my memories. 

So, yes yet again today we met, We met in my dreams!!!!
This is just a work of playing with words. Please do not relate to any real life incident and please do not take it personal.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Leading Life Serene and Beautiful

When we look around oneself, we find people who think life is a journey, or it is a bitch or may be melodrama or stage where each one of us play our part.  Seldom do we find anyone who is happy with own life and who can claim to be happy.  

Certainly being happy with life would mean being contended and being satisfied with what we have with us and what we would love to posses and live through life.  But, the biggest problem that we have and that we see around us is the way people perceive their lives.  In particular when it comes to value some relations and understanding the limitations associated with others.  I have often found people rather jumping into something or some relation for the momentary happiness they get out of it, but life is not about the moments that fill the life.  Life is about living the life in a way that every moment is full of joy.  Certainly the other aspects like sorrow, hatred, likes and dislikes would always be around the periphery. But, what is important is to keep them away and out of periphery and let the sphere of life glow with happiness.

I know many of you who would read this would say Easier Said than Done. But it is equally easy to practice too.  There are various ways to attain this blissful state and there are as many paths to choose from.  One way is to try and attain the ultimate Consciousness or what is referred as Parmatma.  But then that path is not as easy for many to take.  Another way is to keep away from ones own ego, but then not many people understand the difference between Ego and Self Respect and often people mix the two. Another way is to abandon the worldly pleasures and that would be the end of woes. But then the people around wouldn't let you live in that blissful state.

So what is the way out? I guess for me it would be easiest to understand the demarcation between Self Respect and Ego to ensure that I keep away from the Ego.  If a "Why" is coming when you read the point, then let me explain the reason.

Ego, is the state of mind when one takes everything that is against his/her liking as an offence.  Well pretty interesting twist to that is the other side of the coin when if someone wants to attain / achieve / gain something or win someone's heart, then also they take it as a Challenge and they make it an Ego Point to ensure that they achieve their target.  Both the states are dangerous as in the first case, the person may be dangerous and harmful and in the second case, the person can go to any extent to the tune of slaughtering one's own Self Respect.  

So, I would like to be in neither state as in both the cases, I am not just causing issues and problems for myself, but for the people around also.  I would prefer to stay back with my Ego packed in the package and thrown deep down in the Times Well to not even let it near me.  So without an Ego, I wouldn't be hurt and at the same time I wouldn't have to experience the Ego of others.  Certainly, I wouldn't have to then fall in either brackets as defined above.  So, this is going to help me stay peaceful at least on the personal aspects of life.  

The struggle would certainly be there in life as in the journey of life would pose different challenges with the changes coming with the due course in time.  But, with hassle free state of mind when We approach our lives with an open mindset and no preemptive expectations of the forthcoming things, then we would be in much better a state of being happy than not.

Another thing that I would prefer to do is to look around myself to find happiness with and in the people around me.  I prefer not to chase happiness in things that are not in vicinity or in visible state.  If there is uncertainty associated with something, it sure will bear the fruit of sorrow and sadness.  One point that might be raised here is Life itself is uncertain, but please do note that the Uncertainties of Life are unknown and in my previous statement, the uncertainties that I referred are known uncertainties.

Another aspect in life that I suggest to keep straight is "What do you want from Life?" Keep a clear answer of this question for yourself, if not sharing with others. Just getting confused and making others confused does not help anyways.  One must have a clear path carved out for oneself in one's life.    

Eurozone Crisis - II

In my previous post on the topic, I had written about the impending fallout of Greece from the Eurozone and stated about the case of Spain and Portugal.  The latest update on that side is about the Bailout requirement in Spain that is expected to be anywhere between 50 Billion to 150 Billion Euro. However, the bailout package of Euro 19 Billion established by Spain in 2009 is just left with Euro 5 Billion and that means inadequacy of funds for Spain to bailout the Banking Sector that is reeling under crisis.

The Member nations of European Union (EU) are now pushing hard on Spain to come out clean on its Banking Bailout plan for the deficit between the requirement and the funds available with Spain.  As per the news prevailing, Germany has taken an aggressive stance towards the Bailout of Spanish Banking Sector and has been Pushing Spain hard to do so.  But the speculation lies in how Spain is going to achieve that when the country is already hit real bad by recession.

There were speculations around Spain having raised a request with IMF, but IMF spokesperson clarified that IMF has not received any such request from Spain and hence is not preparing any bailout package for Spain.

So the situation here is really uncertain with Greece, Portugal and Ireland already requesting for Financial Assistance and now Spain joining the fray where it is almost at the verge of raising the request for Financial Assistance.  

What would happen is full of uncertainty and that certainly would hit the World Financial Market real bad, unless the Weak European Union leadership comes together and works out a unanimous Work provision to deal with the Financial Crisis and Uncertainty prevailing in the Eurozone.  The world markets would keep tumbling the way they had been and the traders world over will have to keep a close eye on the Eurozone development to ensure that neither they nor their client suffer from the negative fallouts in Eurozone.

Till we hear a cheer from Eurozone, it would be a time to be cautious and it would be a tough time to deal with the Financial Turmoil, for us Indians Too....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Puzzle

This story is dramatized version of a real life case as narrated to me by a close friend. So there is a slight chance that you may at various instances find it realistic or may be related to someone you know. To start with, it is important to note that the names certainly are fictitious but various situations and scenarios are taken as is from the Narration of the case.

Naman was a unknown someone in his office and one of the least wanted for his arrogance and hardheadedness.  He hardly used to mix up with his colleagues and never used to entertain jokes when at work.  He was not known as a social person in his organization.  In short Mr. No One. And to add to it, there was no one in his organization who could have broken down his defenses that were so strong for the reason of his self conviction and self reliance.  Though this was just 2nd year for him in the organization which apparently was his first job, he has become notoriously infamous.

Then, there came the twist when she joined the organization.  She was a lively and jovial person.  She reflected her confidence and her personal skills around and had an aura that she used to carry around herself.  Within few days of her joining, she was warned about Naman and she was told that the person is certainly not the one with whom anyone would like to associate.

She was astonished to find someone who looked interesting, but was hardly seen smiling and hardly used to interact with people other than as required by the profession.  Being herself, she thought of introducing herself to him and one fine day she walks to his desk and says "Hi I am Ashwini and I have joined this organization just last month". Naman looks at her and the hardness of his face softens a bit.  To the surprise of Ashwini and the others around, he softly replies "Hi, I am Naman and nice meeting you. Please tell me how can I help you?" Ashwini was just amazed at the politeness in the tone and the overall voice.  Naman's voice had just amazed her. She somehow gains back her conscious self, gathers herself and says - "I just wanted to introduce myself and know everyone, so though will speak to you also. Do you think it would be a good step to move to cafeteria and talk?" As she completed her statement, she was shocked and tried to cover her stance when she heard Naman saying - "Well not a bad idea, I was too thinking of moving to cafeteria for a Coffee. Its better to have a company."  That initial discussion and then their time together in cafeteria broke the ice for Ashwini and she saw a different person than what she was told about Naman.

Naman and Ashwini became good friends, though used to avoid frequent discussions in the office, they started spending time with each other outside the work. Naman almost became habituated to talk to Aswini almost on a daily basis and used to be restless when he would not get a chance to speak to Ashwini.  Their Friendship flourished in the time they spent together.  Then one fine day Naman dared and proposed to Ashwini.  He directly told her - "Ashwini, I know of my image in the organization and I know that people don't like to associate with me.  But, you have known the better of me and I would not be shy to accept that I love you and I would like to marry you.  Do you think you would like to be my wife and be with me for the rest of the life?" Ashwini was startled and replied - "Give me some time to think and reply." Naman didn't object to that and waited for her to revert back on the proposal.

But Ashwini was not to revert back. She was dwindling on whether to accept or not. She knew him as a person, but she also knew his past that had made him a stone.  She had seen his heart melting for her, but she also had experienced it turning back to a stone when his past haunted on him. She was unsure. Naman on his side, stayed calm and waited endlessly for her to answer.

Then one fine day, for some reason they had a misunderstanding that cause some communication gap between them for few days.  When they resumed their communication, Ashwini was a bit changed and so was Naman.  Though Naman still loved her, he was now behaving indifferent.  Time passed by and one fine day Ashwini told her that she met this guy who has proposed her.  Naman was shattered but told her - :It's fine, any guy would love her to be his girlfriend or wife.  It is more important to note what do you think about him?" Ashwini replied - "I am not sure, but he is nice and sober guy."  Naman said - "Just know him better and if you think that you like him, do as you wish, after all its your life." Ashwini looked in his eyes thinking there would be pain, but Naman had been the master of disguise and she could not find that pain in his eyes. Again time passed and one day Ashwini was all sad.  When Naman asked her for the reason, She replied - "He has been too annoying off late and I don't seem to trust him as much as I do trust you. I don't know but I guess I love him. I am not sure where is it going to end."  Naman just hugs her and tell her not to worry, and if that guy loves her, things would be fine soon.  Ashwini feels the warmth of love in Naman's hug, but the expression in Naman's eyes and face were more of concern than passion.

As time passes by, one day Ashwini tell Naman that she is calling a quit with the other guy and she wants to get married to someone who would understand her and who would be caring for her through her life.  Naman nodes his head and asks her - "Do you remember I had once asked you to be my wife.  I still love you and still want to marry you. Do you think you would accept my proposal?" Ashwini looks in his eyes, sees the Love and Compassion, but reverts back "No Naman, You are a very good person and a very Good Friend, but I could not have those feelings of Love for you. I know you would be a good husband, but I don't think I would marry you."  Naman with his shocked state of mind looks at her and lowers his eyes. He looks wayward and he steps aside.  She looks at him to say something but he tells her to leave him alone.  Ashwini just walks out from there.

Naman was so shattered with the answer he got from Ashwini that he decides to go away from her. He decides to leave his job and the city to move to some far of place where he wouldn't see her and he wouldn't have to feel for her.  He does that and with time, his feelings were nursed.  He was once again the same old stone faced guy until one fine day he sees Ashwini walking towards him in the parking lot of his office building.  She walks to him and hugs him while breaking to tears.  His heart again give way when he asks her - "What Happened, would you tell me?" She replies - "I am sorry to have been so rude to you and decline your proposal outright.  I am sorry to have hurt you so bad, but I realized that you love me from your soul and I would be really happy with you.  I realized that the happiness and the love that you can give me, no one else can give me.  But tell me, How do I deal with the situation of your past? How do I tell my parents that I want to marry a guy who was sentenced for 1 months Jail Term? How do I tell them that though you were framed, but still you spent 1 month in jail and that you were not the real convict. How do I tell them that You were framed because the Girl's influential father didn't like your middle income group image?"

Naman looks at her and tells her - "If that's the case, why do you think you are standing next to me? Why are you here when I had already decided to leave you with your life? Why are you with me here when I had decided to quit your life and be away from your forever?"

Ashwini replies - "Because I love you, damn it because I love you and because I realized that I can't think of life without you."

Naman tells her - "Then please decide how would you take it to your parents and how would you convince them.  I am a no one and I would not like to get into a situation where I tell you how to deal with the situation. But it is true that I loved you and I still love you.  I would love you for my life, but I would not like to tell you how you should be coming to me to live the life with me.  It is entirely your decision and it has to be driven by you.  So you decide and you resolve the issue."

They move from there and Naman drops her to her hotel. Ashwini flies back to her city the next day and after a month or so calls Naman to tell him - "Naman, he is back in my life, I am not sure what to do. I am so confused.  I had already discussed about him with my parents and now when I was almost at the verge to talk to them about you, he came back in my life.  He met my parents and they have also liked him.  Tell me What should I do?  I am so confused to have you on one side and him on the other.  Please tell me." As she finishes her statement, she hear a loud thud from the phone and though she repeatedly shouts for Naman, there is no reply from the other side.  In despair she hangs the phone and thinks may be Naman would call. But after few days she receives an email with Naman's photograph on the bed and medical intruments around him.  She scrolls below the photograph to read - "When you spoke to him last, it was the last time that Naman was in his consciousness.  It seems that you told him something that made him numb and he fell on his back hurting his spine that has paralyzed his movements. Doctors are doing their best to get him back up. But for now he is on life support."  Ashwini just reads through the rest of the mail as tears roll down her eyes.
As of Date, Naman is still not back on his feet, but is able to move his hands. He runs a home business and is nursed regularly by his wife Namita.  Though Ashwini tried to come back to him, but he denied telling her - "First you give me a blow that almost took my life away from me and then are you trying to show your sympathy for me by marrying me? Please, Though I loved you and my love for you would be there somewhere in some corner of my heart, but I would not let it have the nourishment of your sympathy. Thanks, it was good knowing you!!"

Ashwini is still unmarried and is working with an NGO helping them to take care of the patients who suffer from trauma and anxiety.  May be this is her way of trying to cover up for her mistakes in life.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Austerity Measures by Govt of India

Yesterday it was the news that Government of India has implemented Austerity Measures to cut the Government Spending for unplanned expenditure.  The motive behind that is to reduce the fiscal deficit of over INR 97000 Crores. The news should be receiving a lot of praise from the economists "May Be".

But when reading through the various expenditures by the Top Government officials, I was surprise to note that Mr. Motek Singh Ahluwalia, the Vice Chairperson of Planning Commission was on Foreign tours for almost 220 days in the previous year. With avg expenditure of about 18 lakhs a day, this expenditure would be roughly around 40 crores.  

Another expenditure that was widely discussed in the public domain by the fellow countrymen in India is the whopping 205+ Crores by the President of India on her foreign trips.  

So interestingly, if we sort of average it out for the various ministers and member of parliament, then we can arrive at a figure of roughly 20 crore per head in a year, that would mean for the contingent of MPs itself that counts to 543 in loksabha and 250 seat in rajyasabha, the exchequer coughs up roughly 16000 crores in a given year. That should be roughly 15% of the Fiscal deficit.  So if we extrapolate the figure to the rest of the IAS cadre contingent estimating them to be around 1000 and roughly 10 crore per head per year, it would add up to another 10000 crore that would be another 11% of the Fiscal deficit.  So all in all the these Austerity measures should reduce the Fiscal Deficit by at least 25%, provided the Ministers and the MPs would abide by the orders as released.

There are certain more aspects to the Austerity Measures that should be implemented by the Government and that should be the usage of Army /Airforce Choppers / planes by the ministers and the MPs.  This should be further restricted as at times the facility is misused by the Public Servants.  

I would though be skeptical if the Austerity measures would help reduce fiscal deficit by more than 10%  for the way our MPs and Ministers are and the way the Official Cadres enjoy Bypassing the orders due to their closeness to these MPs and Ministers......

We have a long way to go and see if the Austerity Measures are really a success or not!!!!

Sad State of Politics - Playing with Religious Feelings

Just came across this news published in a local newspaper in Bareily city of Uttar Pradesh Province in India.  The news is more of a shocker than anything else.  How can a politician be so irresponsible to make a statement that Osama was a Jehadi and not a Terrorist.  Why does he forget that there are links between the Al Qaida outfit and the Terrorist Outfits operating in India.  Jehad means fighting for a cause to safeguard Religion.  But in today's world when we treat every human being as same, is there any need to resort to violent acts?

I am shocked that the identified politician in this case has not even considered the beheading of innocents, mass murders and the acts that have had long lasting effect on the families of those who were killed.  He forgot that Jehad does not call for any sort of act to kill / murder innocents. It does not call for act of violence against those who live peaceful and who do not interfere with Religious matters. 

The statement is certainly uncalled for and the Politician needs to Ensure that in future such lame statements are not given, be it in public of private.