Thursday, June 7, 2012

From the Pages of Diary

Dear Diary

Today once again I am with you because I want to pen down some beautiful memories of the day.  Yes you guessed it right, we met today.  We did meet today and you know she is all elegance personified in the beauty and the brains. Certainly She has all the qualities that serve the reason for me to love her.  She is such a nice and down to earth human being even though She knows She's beautiful and one of the most wanted person in the college. You know that her mannerism, her beauty, her simplicity in fact her everything is a mesmerizer for me.

So, when we met today,  I was a bit late and when I reached she was sitting there on the beach facing the sea. She seemed to have been unhappy with me for I was late.  I don't know how did she realize that I have reached and as I approached her, She said just sit there only.  Then without turning she started speaking, I don't know what all she spoke as I was too mesmerized by the sweetness in her voice and the melody in her voice.  I was just lost in her fragrance hitting me with the passing sea breeze.  I was just listening to her and I was lost.

Before I could realize, she stood up patted my cheek and just vanished somewhere in the crowd.  

It was such beautiful to meet her today. So what if she didn't come in show me her face.  I still love her and I know somewhere in some corner of her heart she also loves me.  I know that somewhere she is compelled to not love me and she is trying to suppress her feelings for me. I know She is Avoiding me, but I know she still loves me and Every Moment I spend with her is beautiful and becomes part of my memories. 

So, yes yet again today we met, We met in my dreams!!!!
This is just a work of playing with words. Please do not relate to any real life incident and please do not take it personal.


  1. Woh kom thi?

    Stop dreaming..

    Wake up buddy.. LOLZZZ

  2. Woh Saashana thee, kisi se bhee poochh lo :))

    And you are right, to make one's dreams a reality, one has to certainly wake up and work to convert the dream to reality :P