Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guy's Ordeal

He was born on the 11th day of the darkening part of the month.  Just four days ahead of the most celebrated new moon day of the Hindu Calendar.  The wee hour he was born was quite illuminated with the rays of rising sun. Everything was awesome and nice for him to be born on that day and during the time that is said to be the auspicious time at the start of the day.  The Gods showered their all blessings on him and he was bestowed with the all the luck and success.  

But it seems that the god of love was either too tired to get his aim right or the dust thrown up in the air due to the mass movement of the moving cattle herds, did the trick. He seems to have shot the right arrow, but the arrow missed the aim by a huge margin.  He had the luck to get the company of the best of the lot, but never had the luck to be loved. 

Gods gave him a Heart that was as plain as the glass sheet and as soft as the tender leave.  He was gifted with the will power to help that coupled with his caring attitude.  He was always seen as the Mr. Dependent by his friends and peer group.  

With best of their ability, Gods gifted him with the qualities of Love, Affection and Commitment with Loyalty and Gratitude to live the life in the simplest way that he could.  He always respected his elders and more specifically his parents.  He never ever disobeyed them and always sacrificed for their happiness. Just for seeing a smile on their face, he could go to any extent even if that included him sacrificing his own happiness.

He was always a Giver in his life, be it helping others to achieve their motto or sacrificing to see happiness and smile on the face of his loved ones. He never wished ill of anyone, nor did he ever did any wrong  unto others.  But he was often used, his caring and giving nature was often abused and he was often thrown away like a piece of unwanted bone in the chicken or lamb dish. He was often made the scapegoat for own benefit by his own friends and those who claimed to have loved him.  He though knew that he is being Used, never reacted because he always believed - "Someone can use him, but can't take his fate away from him."  He always believed that one day there would be someone who would really love him and irrespective of his past and present.  He always believed that there would be someone who would hold his hand and walk him through the final frontiers of the Life.  

He is still out somewhere living his life with his own set of principles and looking for "Someone" special to make his life what Gods forgot to bless him for!!!!!!

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