Monday, June 4, 2012

Leading Life Serene and Beautiful

When we look around oneself, we find people who think life is a journey, or it is a bitch or may be melodrama or stage where each one of us play our part.  Seldom do we find anyone who is happy with own life and who can claim to be happy.  

Certainly being happy with life would mean being contended and being satisfied with what we have with us and what we would love to posses and live through life.  But, the biggest problem that we have and that we see around us is the way people perceive their lives.  In particular when it comes to value some relations and understanding the limitations associated with others.  I have often found people rather jumping into something or some relation for the momentary happiness they get out of it, but life is not about the moments that fill the life.  Life is about living the life in a way that every moment is full of joy.  Certainly the other aspects like sorrow, hatred, likes and dislikes would always be around the periphery. But, what is important is to keep them away and out of periphery and let the sphere of life glow with happiness.

I know many of you who would read this would say Easier Said than Done. But it is equally easy to practice too.  There are various ways to attain this blissful state and there are as many paths to choose from.  One way is to try and attain the ultimate Consciousness or what is referred as Parmatma.  But then that path is not as easy for many to take.  Another way is to keep away from ones own ego, but then not many people understand the difference between Ego and Self Respect and often people mix the two. Another way is to abandon the worldly pleasures and that would be the end of woes. But then the people around wouldn't let you live in that blissful state.

So what is the way out? I guess for me it would be easiest to understand the demarcation between Self Respect and Ego to ensure that I keep away from the Ego.  If a "Why" is coming when you read the point, then let me explain the reason.

Ego, is the state of mind when one takes everything that is against his/her liking as an offence.  Well pretty interesting twist to that is the other side of the coin when if someone wants to attain / achieve / gain something or win someone's heart, then also they take it as a Challenge and they make it an Ego Point to ensure that they achieve their target.  Both the states are dangerous as in the first case, the person may be dangerous and harmful and in the second case, the person can go to any extent to the tune of slaughtering one's own Self Respect.  

So, I would like to be in neither state as in both the cases, I am not just causing issues and problems for myself, but for the people around also.  I would prefer to stay back with my Ego packed in the package and thrown deep down in the Times Well to not even let it near me.  So without an Ego, I wouldn't be hurt and at the same time I wouldn't have to experience the Ego of others.  Certainly, I wouldn't have to then fall in either brackets as defined above.  So, this is going to help me stay peaceful at least on the personal aspects of life.  

The struggle would certainly be there in life as in the journey of life would pose different challenges with the changes coming with the due course in time.  But, with hassle free state of mind when We approach our lives with an open mindset and no preemptive expectations of the forthcoming things, then we would be in much better a state of being happy than not.

Another thing that I would prefer to do is to look around myself to find happiness with and in the people around me.  I prefer not to chase happiness in things that are not in vicinity or in visible state.  If there is uncertainty associated with something, it sure will bear the fruit of sorrow and sadness.  One point that might be raised here is Life itself is uncertain, but please do note that the Uncertainties of Life are unknown and in my previous statement, the uncertainties that I referred are known uncertainties.

Another aspect in life that I suggest to keep straight is "What do you want from Life?" Keep a clear answer of this question for yourself, if not sharing with others. Just getting confused and making others confused does not help anyways.  One must have a clear path carved out for oneself in one's life.    

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