Sunday, June 10, 2012

Live Real, Live Practical

Living in the world of fantasies is the worst sin that you can commit to yourself.  What is needed and expected by you from yourself is to come out in the big bad world of reality and live real and live practical.  Every one of us has one or other fantasy that we live with, but we should ensure that we do not live in the moments of fantasy, but realize that the world requires a practical approach towards life.

By practical approach to life what I mean to say is that we must realize that the things around us do not always happen as we think.  The people around us are not always the best of the set that we may think and we may believe.  We often get carried away by the fantasies of our life and find that we have opened our darker secrets to someone who is creating a mockery of it now and is now trying to exploit us and the situations to get benefited.

There are several moments during which we actually do not realize what we are doing and what we are upto. And in Real and Practical life these moments hurt us the most.

So be Practical and Live Real than living in the fantasies of the life.  Floating in fantasies is good till we are not hurt, but floating beyond a level is certain to get us reality Bites, and when it bites, it bites hard....


  1. Reality bites .. but then u cannot shy away from it ..
    Yes , dreams do give u wings to fly as high as u like , but at the end of the day (here its night) u have to land back on solid soil.

  2. Nish Da,

    Sahi likha...Sachchai kadvi to hoti hi hai, lekin sachchai ke sath jeena hi jeevan hai....

  3. Nish Da,

    Very rightly said....Sachchai kadvi hoti hai, lekin sach mein jeena hi jeevan hai....jooth ke pardon mein sach ko chhupa kar kisi aur ka nahin, khud ka nuksaan hota hai...