Friday, June 1, 2012

Sad State of Politics - Playing with Religious Feelings

Just came across this news published in a local newspaper in Bareily city of Uttar Pradesh Province in India.  The news is more of a shocker than anything else.  How can a politician be so irresponsible to make a statement that Osama was a Jehadi and not a Terrorist.  Why does he forget that there are links between the Al Qaida outfit and the Terrorist Outfits operating in India.  Jehad means fighting for a cause to safeguard Religion.  But in today's world when we treat every human being as same, is there any need to resort to violent acts?

I am shocked that the identified politician in this case has not even considered the beheading of innocents, mass murders and the acts that have had long lasting effect on the families of those who were killed.  He forgot that Jehad does not call for any sort of act to kill / murder innocents. It does not call for act of violence against those who live peaceful and who do not interfere with Religious matters. 

The statement is certainly uncalled for and the Politician needs to Ensure that in future such lame statements are not given, be it in public of private.

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