Sunday, September 28, 2014

Clean India - Modi's Drive

It's pretty impressive step that Prime Minister of India has taken a pledge for Clean India.  When he had declared his intent on the Independence Day, I was a actually not convinced that he would be acting so fast.  But with the declaration coming on this week where he cancelled the National Holiday of October 2, and declared that this would be the day when he would start the Clean India Drive, I was impressed.  Truly impressed for the selection of the day and the selection of the task to start on that day.

Apparently I was updated about the news by my wife when she said "Modi mein Dum Hai" and I was surprised as she was never a supporter of Modi.  But then the way she elaborated on the "Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan", I was convinced that she was not being sarcastic for her statement.

After that discussion, when I searched on the news on this topic, I thought, the clean India Drive would not be complete unless the weed in Bureaucracy and the weed in society is cleaned.  The statement that made me think this way is "Remove Unwanted stuff from Government Offices".  So if I have to look at the literal meaning of the statement, I would see throwing out any unwanted "stuff" including corrupt officials and those lazy buggers who would n't want to move things at the speed they need to be.  Identifying the corrupt officials is nothing tough, just that you would have to identify the pending files in the government offices and then work with the respective claimants, Business Houses or the parties to get the required support.  This drive may seem to be tough, but then the Parties who cooperate would be assured that their files would be processed faster.

There could be two impacts of this Drive with the steps I am suggesting, either the government officials would fall in line to follow clean work ethics or they would pave way for the youngsters providing employment opportunities for them. This would also set precedence for the rest of the officials to "Either Work or Go".  

Cleaning the Weed in Society would be a more uphill task and we all know that unless we rise above the Castism, Regionalism and Religious Fanaticism, none of the Government with even the most able Governance mechanism may be able to help clean the society and make our nation a better place to live.  Here, we all would have to stand and pledge to ourselves -

"We the Law Abiding Citizens of India stand by our Prime Minister and the Law Enforcement Agencies to help clean the Societal Weed.  We promise to our Motherland that we would help make our nation a better place to live by standing tall against societal injustice. We would not be afraid of harassment by the hands of Law Enforcement Agencies and will duly report such harassment to the Authority Designate.  We will work our level best to ensure that our contribution results in a secure and safe living environment for our future generations."

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