Monday, September 29, 2014

Pseudo Secularism and Yellow Journalism show

The most recent news from Indian journalism is the criticism of Rajdeep Sardesai's much deserved slap gate episode. Interesting point in the whole report is the video that has been referred by the journalists stating "Rajdeep Sardesai manhandled by mob at Madison Square Garden. The Video referred rather shows Rajdeep hitting someone in the crowd and it so seems he forgot that crowd doesn't have a face, he indeed has with a name. 

The Video projecting the truth that Rajdeep Sardesai was the first one to get abusive as well as attacking the other guy - Rajdeep Sardesai Slapped at Madison Square

As if that was not all that the practitioners of Yellow Journalism started condemning the act and when I voiced my view point one (not so respected) Bengali (not so) gentleman started bashing me on Twitter calling me names and cursing me. I thought of giving it a pass, but he seemed to have a sleepless time as he was not successful in getting his antidote of cursing :-)).  He came around to me on Twitter in another 3 hrs later seeking if I am wiser than before. Huh that man went ahead calling me a Hindu Extremist because I said I don't support his yellow journalistic thoughts. Apparently he heard a mouth full from me and hope could sleep after that :-)) may be my words worked as his sleeping pill :-)) may be he is used to get a dose daily before he gets sound sleep. I don't blame him for that, Yellow Journalists and Pseudo Seculars need that dose. 

So what this episode boils down to? Why am I writing about it? Truly two very good questions that must be answered. So let me try answering them one by one. 

  1. The episode reestablished my viewpoint that the journalism in India is at all time low. Why should a senior journalist like Rajdeep Sardesai give a provocative statement standing between the crowd. Did he run out of his wits or did he think he would get away from this ad usual? Rajdeep Sardesai was wrong in his approach and making a communal / racist remark in US where he can be prosecuted.
  2. The episode followed by the twitter word of exchange with the chap I mentioned above reestablished my thoughts that there are a lot of Pseudo Seculars who would stand up for Rajdeep. They would not think twice before opening their mouth and will speak as if they have foot in mouth disease. 
So where do we go from here? When Media, the fourth pillar of democracy would be polarized and would resort to yellow journalism, what trust would we have on them?  

Seriously,  we the people of India whose heart beats for the nation should show these guys the door and shout boycott them totally. We should stand for our nation and for fair and righteousness. Enough of Pseudo Secularism and Yellow Journalism. 

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