Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Terrorism - Jihad - Sex

This article is a bit bitter in the nature and hence if you feel you might be offended by the content, please do not read further.

Terrorism has been in a rise for ever. Earlier we had regional terror outfits and now it so seems that the terrorism has become just another profession with the terrorists getting certain amount of salaries to carry out their duties. Interesting point is the way they talk about post martyrdom payments and money that is paid to the families should they die. The phenomenon is not just limited to one or two regions, it has actually propagated across the globe.  

Another factor that has been on a rise has been the terrorist outfits declaring starting of their operations in a specific geography - ref: Al Qaida declaring Indian Outfit to operate and spread terrorist activities in India.  It seems as if one company is aspiring to open its overseas branch and hence has given an advertisement of recruitment and their intent of defining their business charter.  Seems that these guys are now becoming more business savvy and want to operate Terrorist outfits as business organization.

Today at lunch, I was having an interesting conversation with my colleagues where they were speculating why the terrorism has cropped up like cancer in society? If God created mankind then why on the name of God some religious fanatics call for Jihad and then call it as their duty to serve God and save religion? Don't they think that what they are doing is actually destroying the beauty of the Creation of God? Some of the very interesting comments came around during the discussion and I am trying to quote them here for the readers to think on those lines - 

  1. In Shrimadbagwad Geeta, Shri Krishna had said that you are only the means and the actual cause of all the misery and then death is me the God.  So if we go by that, the terrorists have been created by God to bring say the ecological balance (LOL). Yeah they kill the innocents and then they are in turn killed by the Security Forces.  Its like Chicken is first raised to get egg as well as the source for chicken dishes, but when they overgrow, they are butchered....So Terrorists can be compared with God's means to cause mass massacre and then as chickens that outgrow the numbers to then be butchered
  2. Al Qaida may not as such be successful in India as there are way too many terror outfits already present in India. Also, with the failure of those terror outfits and after seeing the fate of associated terrorists, the youth seems to have been losing their interest in joining terrorist outfits.
    1. My counter to this was, even if .0001% of youth proceed on the path of terrorism, in India that would mean roughly 1270 youth and that's hell lot to create some serious trouble
    2. Even though Al Qaida may fail to recruit fresh blood, they may go ahead and replicate the M&A strategy of business and actually end up merging IM and other similar smaller operatives with Sleeper cells. Result availability of Larger set of sleeper cells.
    3. Al Qaida though may have had a fall out with ISIS, but that would not mean that Al Qaida may not replicate the Jihadist Sex strategy of ISIS. 
My third point triggered another branch of discussion and my colleagues were a little not too amused with the concept of Jihadist Sex.  But that is a very interesting development initiated by ISIS from the time ISIS occupied geography in Iraq has been declared as Caliphet.  Apparently ISIS has been able to recruit quite a sizable number of women operatives to sexually serve the ISIS male operatives. They have been reported to have recruited these females through their targeted social network contact points on twitter etc.  And most of the females as they have targeted have been from Western World.  Though as per the reports they have also forced the households in their occupied territories to bring all unmarried females to them to help them in Jihadist Sex.  

It so seems that these religious fanatics behind the propagation of concept of Jihad might have realized that most of their terrorism operatives have not reported back to them after execution on the "72 Virgins" and hence they have devised this new strategy to lure the youth to resort to terrorism.  Money, Martyrdom and Women, what else those guys would need? For after death, they wouldn't be witnessing whether they are seen as heroes or villains......

But the nexus of Terrorism and Jihadist Sex is certainly a cause of concern as if the reports are to be believed, the females are lured in for Monthly salaries against their services....that is no good as that is doing nothing by increasing the counts of Flesh Trade in the name of Religion....yeah these females need to understand that they are subject to exploitation in name of the God and Religion and that they would get nothing in the ends except for lost identity....

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