Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rohtak 'Braveheart' Sisters the Fallout of Bravery

After writing the previous article - Words From Thoughts: Rohtak 'Braveheart' Sisters and Social Media I happened to follow the developments around the Rohtak Sisters case and landed up on various videos on Youtube. Few of the videos are listed as below - 
  1. The final face of Rohtak Sisters
  2. Second Video Challenges Rohtak Sisters' story
  3. What is the truth behind Rohtak Sisters' story? Part I
  4. What is the truth behind Rohtak Sisters' story? Part II

Rest of the compilations can be checked on Youtube by Clicking Here

As I review the overall story and the Development along with the reaction of the two Sisters, it become quite evident to me that this is a nexus that is put in shape to extort money.  It is not just those two sisters - Pooja and Aarti, but their parents too are the partners in crime.  Another thing that comes to picture is the role of Police Officer who may be involved in the overall scheme of things but it not evident from the videos.  

The family of Puja and Aaarti doesn't just seem to be party to the overall case but seems to be the matermind behind the game of extortion by creating scenario where they charge someone for Molestation etc.  They are clearly abusing the IPC section 509, 294 and others.  

The acts that they have been party to have actually jeopardized the career and future of the youth involved / accused / targeted.  It is critical for the Law enforcement agency as well as Judiciary to review the evidences against them and take required action to set out an example that would help reduce such cases in future.  

The law is pretty harsh at this time that the accused is put behind bars without any investigation and with no provision of bail to this effect. That is fine to help thwart the real incidences, but what is the provision in the law for such cases where the females abuse the law for personal gains? 

The law makers need to seriously look at required amendments to help ensure that the real incidents are dealt with due care, but the hoax and noise is also cancelled out appropriately so that the law abusers do not abuse them for personal gains

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