Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Animal Rights - Micro Views

I have always thought that NGOs working on Animal Rights are doing a wonderful job only until late when I saw a post on Facebook stating "Dogs are the Only Animal and Cows are Birds". I was intrigued to actually look at the ways NGOs involved in cause for Animal Rights are actually dealing this as.  And well a lot was involved in the way they actually dealt with the Case of Animal Rights similar to those of Human Rights... Protect the Choicest one, rest may Perish!!!

So, when I looked at the ways NGOs involve themselves on the name of Animal Rights, they are looking at Pets aka Dogs, Cats and to some extent Rabbits et al.  Their scope of responsibility is much fixed around limited number of animals and may be so, for the others have commercial utility value and unlike Dogs and Cats (specifically), others are not intelligent or others do not have the capacity of expressing themselves.  Just consider this - Dogs and Cats are treated almost like own family members and at times are treated equivalent to children at home.  The example of this can well be witnessed in the Akshay Kumar starrer movie "Entertainment". Yeah, certainly the idea would have struck the writer when he/she would have witnessed / heard / experienced something as mentioned above and finally we see the movie.

However, coming to the other animals like Cows, Sheeps / Lambs or Goats, they are never considered pets, rather are considered as Cattle Stock or Live Stock.  Stress here is on the word Stock, irrespective of whether cattle or live, they are still referred to as STOCK. What does that mean to me is - they are part of a Balance Sheet and that the Stock would be on the books until it turns to be an NPA or Non-Performing Asset. So just like an NPA, the Live / Cattle Stock is disposed off to Butchers on expiry of their productivity value.  And what Butchers do is known to all.

As if that was not enough, we have seen a more recent trend of Commercialization of Meat Factories and the backfill industry of cattle "producers" has increased.  Just like Agriculture, these entrepreneurs have taken up to breeding and supply of Live Stock for the butchers directly. That is they grow cattle stock only to sell it to the butchers and make money, And the unhygienic conditions that are breeding and development of Live Stock happens is one hell of pathetic stuff to know and witness.

But to all this, the NGOs working for animal rights just turn a blind eye.  They just keep looking at the other side.  Why, may be they are too fond of Red Meat for which Cows, Goats and Sheeps are a vital source and so if they would generalize the Animal Welfare and Rights concepts, their favorite food would not be available to them in the market. Or may be there aren't enough sponsors in the market for them to fight for larger chunk of Animals.

It is interesting to see how these NGOs also turn a blind eye towards the Tiger / Lion Poaching and how they turn deaf to the yelling of deers / elephants and other wild life animals. They go for choicest of choicest Animals to the best of their convenience...

Shouldn't NGOs stop being hypocrite and start supporting cause of all animals irrespective of which animal is that!!! Certainly Cows, Goats and Sheeps are no bird species as they neither have feathers nor do they lay eggs!!

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