Friday, September 25, 2015

To Do Right or To Do What Right I am Supposed To Do

Often in our life we get stuck with a dilemma to do the right thing or to do what is right for you to do. This is a very peculiar situation for us to get into both in personal as well as professional life.  It is a situation where most of us either have an internal clash or clash it out with the other parties that are involved in the decision making process.  Such situation often lead to depressing situation where we give it out and then we give it in aka we surrender.  But is that what we are supposed to do?

There may be several possible solutions and may be several ways to deal with the situation.  But then the dilemma that persists is Whether to do the Right thing or do the things that are right for you to do?  On one side is your own self esteem and often self pride hidden behind your passion to do right things.  You as a professional love your profession and job and want to do every bit to add to your bucket of achievements. Who gets benefited is not your immediate concern because that for you is a micro level result.  On the other side is your position with the other decision makers and other impacted parties if you do the right thing.  They would always want to ensure that you do what is supposed to be right for you to do.  Expectations clash that actually start the game and you get caught up in that game.

I often wonder on what could be the most apt and win win solution for all the parties?  and trust me, until I discussed this situation with my colleague / friend who is my "Go-To" person, I was not able to arrive at the solution myself.  

According to my colleague / friend, the best thing to do in such a situation is to "Cut-off" or "Backout" from the decision making. Stop thinking about the situation that is raising the clash inside you. Once you do that and put that at the back of your head and move on with your regular work.  Don't stress yourself for that decision as it is anyways not going to work out either in favor or against you.  The clashes in that case would also rest in peace and the sanity would prevail for you to be able to be in the driver's seat.

Clashes in this case as well as in any case only waste time and divert the attention of people from your work & aptitude to your attitude and other behavioral aspects. So, let go of the clashes and let sanity prevail!!!

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