Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is this Double Speak

Its been two days that the news channels have been telecasting "Osama killed" in Abbottabad in Pakistan.  Sounds strange though, but it seems to be the truth.  People in US are happy, Americans world over are happy and why they shouldn't be?  The biggest terrorist of recent times is killed and in the words of President Obama "The Justice Has Been Done". 

But what is shocking is the location where Osama was identified to be living and was ultimately killed is just stone throw away from the Military Academy of Pakistan and couple from the capital city of Islamabad.  The claim by the authorities in Pakistan that they didn't know Osama was living there, is something that would not go down the throat easily. It is something that they need to come clean on.  Such a high profile terrorist living in Pakistan or moving around in Pakistan, and still the Authorities didn't know about it either means that its a lie or there had been a nexus within Pakistan's establishments who helped Osama with a Safe Heaven.

Another point that is will not be accepted by an average Indian is American Forces entering Pakistan and successfully completing the operation "Osama" when the American Authorities have been trying to tell India to restrain and to act in patience even after the Attack on Indian Democracy when Terrorists known to be hiding in Pakistan attacked Indian Parliament.  Every Indian would also remember the Brutal Events carried out by terrorists trained in Pakistan wen they carried out their act of terror in Mumbai on 26/11/2008. Who would forget the blasts in various parts of the country carried out by the Terrorist, again trained in the various Terror Camps in Pakistan. Who would forget that the Top 10 wanted in India including Dawood Ibrahim are in Pakistan.  Specifically ergarding Dawood Ibrahim, it is quite a well known fact that he has a well established business in Pakistan and operates from Karachi.

What is required now?  certainly Pakistan needs to come clean on the allegations of supporting terrorism by destroying all the terror camps and establishments operating from Pakistan.  They need to bring all the terrorist and terrorist their leaders to justice.  US on its part needs to step back and do an introspection on "Why should India not be Supported in its Anti-Terror Mission?", "Why should India act with Restrain when there are all the proof in world that its most wanted are enjoying Safe heavens in Pakistan?"

India on its part needs to step up the pressure on the US and the UN to Stop Shielding Pakistan. India must at the same time need to be more cautious as there might be stepped up Terrorist activities out of Frustration in the terrorist organization after killing of Osama.  India also needs to weigh its options carefully as Pakistan might not act against US for the want of regular Grants on which its economy thrives, but against India Pakistan would surely harbor the thought of detonating Nuclear Devices may be just to please those in Pakistan who nurture "Anti-India" movement.

What an average Indian needs to do - Watch the Developments, as we the Indians are more drawn fighting the day-to-day concerns rather than thinking on what and how the country's administration is working on various thing.  However it would be good to see more and more Indians Supporting any Action by Administration against Terrorism.  Even if it includes some discomfort to us for extended Security Measures at various Establishments.  After all, the administration is doing it for our security and to ensure that there is no repeat of 26/11 type incidents.  And if India decide to take a Military Action like US then the Indians should not shout against the decision, rather support in all the way they can support, just like they supported during Kargil War in 1999.


  1. And also don't forget Kargil.

    Well, to be practical, let us not expect any action from Pakistan. Do you think given their history of last 6 decades, they want to do anything for India and against terrorism? Answer is a big 'NO'.

    So, all we need to focus is action from India. India should certainly take the front foot and discuss the issue in all international forum specially with UN. We need to be bold enough like China. I don;t know whom we fear from. We are an independent country. We need to come out of the dramas, which the political parties do. We need to do something like nuclear testing, which was done by Vajpayee's govt.

  2. Well, Kargil is just a small milestone in the whole ball game. UN wouldn't do nothing and so with the permanent members of Security Council as they find a market to sell their excessively produced ammunition ;)

  3. US exports only one thing and that is arms & ammunitions. Rest of the economy is based on imports. Hence, their strategy has always remained to create tension and divide and build situations so that the nation buys arms from them.

    ANd second thing is oil. They would always like to dominate oil producing nations. That;s all about US's economy - just based on two things.