Saturday, May 14, 2011

Land Grabbing or Acquisition - The Political Drama

Not too sure how to address the latest Drama being staged in the Greater Noida Area, where the farmer agitation against forced Land Grabbing oops Acquisition by the UP Govt is going on.  Well it was certainly a twist that the Young Leader from Congress gets into the scene from somewhere and sympathizes with the farmers. Listening to their plight and seeing their condition goes ahead and makes a Statement that included the words "I am ashamed to be Indian".  Well, if you are then better retire from politics and be the guest of the country to leave it.  The Particular Political Leader must be Ashamed of making such statement.

Ah, but the saga doesn't end there, the particular political leader breaches the Security Cordon and reaches the ground zero, am not sure how could a person with SPG cover can breach the Security Cordon, was the State Police Sleeping, am not sure though I doubt if they were awake :)).  Then the High Profile Drama of Arrest and release happens.

But what is the outcome? Nil, as the farmer's agitation got lost in this whole set of Political Gimmick.  The coverage that Farmer's Agitation must have otherwise got is all lost.  People could even understand why the farmer's resorted to agitation against the UP Government?  Yeah, they do know that the farmer's have some trouble, but what?? No Idea!!!!

Media too in place of covering Farmer's Agitation covered the high profile Political Drama as it would raise their TRP, yeah they are in the business of TRP so as to mint money.

Oops, I forgot that I too am committing the same mistake of writing about the high profile political drama rather than the main issue of Legal Land Grabbing by the UP State Government from the Farmer's. UP State Government calls it as Land Acquisition though.  But why the UP Government is not ready to pay the farmers the real market price of the Land it is Grabbing or as they say Acquiring? and Why is the Government Grabbing / Acquiring the Land in the First Place?  Is it not that the Builder Lobby or the Industrialists want Land at favorable prices and are ready to pay-off for the deal?  Isn't it that the amount that should swell the Government Treasury is going to swell some political leader's pocket or may be party's election fund might swell :))

The plight of the Farmer's in Greater Noida area is of Not getting the right price for their Land.  Moreover, if that Land is gone, which certainly seems to be the Agricultural Land, Farmer's would have much work to do.  It would also add to the ever lowering Agricultural produce and that would mean increased cost of food products, resulting in increased cost of living. That would mean higher rate of Inflation and weaker Economic Scenario.

What Government should rather do is to talk to the Farmer's, offer them the right market price and Acquire land from only those Farmer's who wish to part their piece of Land. Another things that Government can do is to then re-allocate the Land in  a Fashion that the Land that is required by the Builder / Industry Lobby could be clubbed on one side and all the Agricultural Land (Farmer owned) can be consolidated on the other side.  This would certainly help the cause of Farmers as well as ensure that there is clear demarcation between the Industrial / Agricultural Land.

Though I don't think that the issue would be that easily resolved.  We would have to wait and watch from here as to whether the Farmers succeed to get their demand fulfilled or they accede to the Government Power and Pressure....As for the Political Drama over this I would conclude by saying "The Show Must Go On" and Let the"Political Drama Carry On"...


  1. It's again the money and power game, honey. In your recent posts, if you notice, the root cause is either wealth or power or both... when i see such things I am not ashamed to be an Indian rather i am ashamed to be human. What an ugly face of humanity? I consider all such acts as brutal.

  2. I agree with you Vaibhav, and we look at the other side of the game, the whole stuff turns out to be a game for numbers