Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To Do or Not To Do

The famous Shakespearean Quote is often put to play by one part of our mind and the other part that dwells on Logic tells us to chuck the Dilemma and move on with life.  And most of us negate the Logical part and dwell in the Dilemma and kick out the Logic from our mind.  So humane and so natural it seems. But ever do we think that its more human to dwell with logic?  The fact is that the human brain is the most complex set of neurons and nerves than the most advanced Super Computer can ever be.  The human brain processes information at much faster a speed than the fastest Super Computer can ever.  Still the human brain is the least utilized part of the human body.  An average human being uses less than 5% of brain. That's another matter though!!

The point here is when we get in the dilemma, we often give in to the feelings that we have than the logic.  I have not been able to understand as to WHY?  I do not see why we give in to feelings when there is NO logic involved?  Well yes one such instance is of liking someone and getting the feel that one is in love!!!!  The one thing that I have not been able to understand in this case is "What is Love? and What is the Logic behind being in Love?"  I have always experienced love as the state of mind when the mind stops working on the logic and keeps asserting on the thoughts or say memories that one spends with someone.  I have not been able to establish the Love to Logic relevance. There are similar other instances in life when one find feelings ruling over Logic. 

So, what is the way out of giving away to Dilemma and letting the feeling prevail than logic?  There is no absolute answer, but the way one should work it out s to resort to "Expert Opinion". Interesting ain't it?  "Expert Opinion", so who is the Expert here??  Well the answer is as simple as the complexity of the question.  A third party who does not have any feelings associated with the situation and who can think Logically is the Expert here.  The third party involved would know the case as an outsider and will be the best person to be the Devil's Advocate to help you think logically.

To be honest, I have never been able to understand the Logic that people try to put behind the Dilemma they often get into.  The point is pretty clear for me, if it 1 and 1 its 1 that is if its Logical to do, its going to be fruitful and in every other case its going to be Not so Fruitful.  Its the AND gate Logic that works for me in the case I have to decide between Yes or No.  And I am pretty convinced that it works for me as it never proved otherwise!!!

Are you thinking "To Agree or Not To Agree"??? Eh I bet you are as you going to read this again and try to decide to Disagree with what I wrote..... ;-) (wink)

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