Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Working Through Beaureucracy

I am not sure about the things in past, but from where I see today, people are not ready to work and they just love to pass the work and buck on others.  I am not sure why the people are shedding the responsibility in the manner they do and the way they do? 

Early this year when I visited campuses for recruitment drive, I was really shocked at the state of affairs with the Professional Colleges and Institutes on the way they groom the students these days.  The answers that the candidates appearing in the interviews provided were no where reflecting their knowledge, but yeah they were surely reflecting the materialistic thinking they developed.  Out of Almost 200+ students I interviewed during that spree and almost 600+ students whom I interacted with then, there were less than 30 who had a clear focus in their life and who were ready to take on the challenge and responsibility in their life.

Pretty recently when I was engaged in collating some information for some work I was handling, I went through a Nightmare of my life.  I was directed and redirected from one person to another and from one department to another.  The entire request and followup mail chain went to almost a size of a Novel, still I didn't get the requisite information.  Every person I spoke to (though could have answered the set of questions right then and there) just made a statement "This is not my area of Responsibility and Person X is the right person to look at it".  I was astonished to the core and I was irritated to the extent of blasting out the set of people I had been trying to collate information from.

Today when I stand and look at the situation, well I am back at square one, nobody has an idea as to who would do it and nobody wants to take the responsibility of doing it.  This just reminds me of the old time story of Somebody, Anybody and Nobody who used to be working together and when Somebody was given a task to perform that Anybody could have done, Nobody ended doing it. 

I guess this will be the case as we move forward in our life where people would look a things materialistic and with Narrow vision or Short Sighted approach.  May be that's where the world is headed and that is what my experience is telling me. Right from the Education Institutes to the Corporate Corridors, we are headed to the Narrow Lanes of Applying our knowledge!!!


  1. Bottom line is 'everyone wants money for free'. And when i say free, it means no labour and no risk.

    This is a very ugly face of the professionals. The passion to work is missing in most of the people. All they can talk about is how much money / benefits they are getting. ANd most of those individuals who perform well or above average, their aim is also either fame or a good bonus.

  2. Well, and sometimes its aimless also ;)