Saturday, May 28, 2011

Destiny of Love - Part I

Born on the same day with a gap of few hrs, they were neighbors and were brought up together. They grew up together, joined the same school together and they loved each others company. Their Parents never has any objection to them playing, studying and doing most of their work together.  That's how the Life of Nishant and Sonal was.  However, there was the first time they felt that they are going to miss each other, wen Nishant's father got transferred to another city and where they thought, their life would come stand still.  But, somehow they had to come to the terms.  Both of them still went with their routine of studies and other activities and spending at least an hr daily talking to each other and ensuring that they help each other in the manner they could.  I could actually smell the Love blossoming between them.

But it so seems that the Destiny was not happy with their closeness and it played devil again.  This time when both of them got admitted to different Engineering Colleges in different cities and Sonal's father getting transferred to a remote location, where other than the good old govt. post, there was nothing else.  The communication got snapped and they both lost the touch, and with the new environment, new friends and challenges in the studies, they lived on.  Though they still missed each other, they used to aimlessly gaze the stars thinking "One Day", we would be back together and life moved on for both of them.

They finished their colleges and they moved in to higher studies and complete their MBA.  It was the first day of their College in LA, when Nishant was hurrying towards his lecture room when he collided with a girl and their books fell.  They both apologized to each other and Nishant went into a trance listening the sweet voice of the beautiful girl he collided with.  However, they collected the books and went in the lecture room to find only one seat that could accommodate two.  They shared the seat and the day went on.  In the evening, Nishant approached the girl and told her that he thought they have met somewhere, the girl replied "Old School Trick Dude, This is my first time in states." Nishant tells her that her eyes, her voice and her features resemble a very old friend of his, may be this is why, he thought they have met.earlier.  He however apologizes and asks her name, telling his own "Nishant Raj Singh".  She on hearing the name looks right in the eyes of Nishant and blurts out her name "Sonal Suryavanshi".

One could see the love in their eyes when they hug each other as if there would be no tomorrow. They however pull themselves out from their hug and holding hands walk away from the place. I guess the destiny got them back together.  They were again the Inseparable duo from then on.  Things were all rosy for them when suddenly they find that their end term has started and soon they would both be headed back to India.  On the Final day of the final paper, in the party hosted by the fellow students, Nishant bows down on his knees holding Sonal's hand and looking right in her eyes says "I love you Sonal, I have loved you from the day I know you!!!, Would you Marry Me???" Sonal, with tears in her eyes node in affirmative and hugs him saying "What made you to say it so late, I have been waiting to hear this for ages I know."

So they head back together to India, where Sonal got her job in Mumbai as a PR Executive and Nishant in Delhi in the same capacity.  They reached Delhi and Nishant hugs her back giving details of his Office as well as Guest House and phone number.  He also shares the address and contact of his parents. Then Nishant takes her leave and sets off to his Guest House.  Sonal takes another flight to Mumbai and when she reaches Mumbai, she calls for Nishant on the given number, only to find that Nishant never reached that location........

What happens Next??? Try giving me some clues on what you think and I would continue in my next post (wink) (wink)

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  1. Cliff hanger moment lol please say it aint so , dead Nishant?

  2. Well Samira, I know its a cliffhanger lol... I left it midway as this is a long case and wanted to see what the readers would opt for ;)

    Death is one of the points, that can't be negated. But just think what way should this go ;)