Sunday, May 29, 2011

Destiny of Love - Part II

If you have not read the Part I, please read it here - Words From Thoughts: Destiny of Love - Part I

When Sonal couldn find Nishant at the number she had called up, She calls up Nishant's parents, who at first were delighted to hear from her, but soon their happiness turned to sorrow as they got to know that Nishant is not contactable at the given number.  Though they were expecting his call, but they had initially shrugged it for his tired state after traveling.  Knowing this even Sonal panicked and they decided to move their resources to find where Nishant was.

On the other hand, as Nishant had left for his guest house, but was quite unlucky to have met an accident due to the Drunken Driving by some unknown lad. There he was lying in the pool of his own blood and the car was totally smashed.  The Drivers of both the cars were also lying in the pool of blood.  Loads of people around watching the pathetic site, but no one to help them as the cops arrive at the scene.  As the cops remove the bodies from the Cars, the drivers are declared dead and Nishant was identified as still alive.  The cops were trying to figure out what to do if they have to save Nishant, when a Car stops in the Emergency lane and a beautiful female steps out from the car.  She approaches the Cops and asks them, what's the dilemma?  The cops update her and ask her who is she.  She pull out her Identity Card and tells them that she is "Dr. Simran Batra", Head of Casualty Department with the Anglo American Institute of Medical Sciences and she tells them that they can shift the Injured immediately to her Hospital.  Cops swing to action and they follow her to her Hospital.

In the hospital, Nishant is treated immediately and is moved to ICU.  Nishant is totally surrounded by the medical equipments and under constant observation.  Dr. Simran goes back to her Cabin after attending to Nishant and just to relax when she hears a knock at her door and a well dressed man walks into her cabin.  She tries to give him a smile and he comes over to her giving her a hug and tell her "I am pretty happy at the bold step My Sweet Heart has taken, and I am sure you gonna save his life as you had done when you met me first time and I was treated by you".  Simran answers, "Thank you Harish, I would first look at him being out of danger and there are a lot tests to be conducted.  He has got multiple injuries including severe impact on his head. He is under observation and we have to wait till he stabilizes." She adds, "btw why did my hubby dear came straight here from the airport? Ain't he tired to head home and take rest?" Hari replies "Well I was missing my Dearest Wifey and the driver told me about the good deed, I thought, I should see her first and then head home." with this he gives a peck on her forehead and leaves.

Days pass by as the family of Nishant is searching out and they had almost lost all the hope to find Nishant and the Cops in Delhi and the Hospital authorities were also in dilemma as to how do they publish the pic of Nishant in newspaper to find his family.  Nishant's whole face was damaged due to shattered glass and his face was totally covered with bandages due to that.  Cops used to visit Dr. Simran daily to take note of the case and one of these days, one of the attendants of ICU came to her cabin and told her that Nishant has shown some body movements. Dr Simran runs to the ICU and immediately checks the updates on the various reports from the medical devices and takes a deep breath to declare that he is out of danger.  Now they can go ahead and conduct the next level of tests on him.

Then Dr Simran tells her staff to prepare for various tests and conduct the tests in a series.  He moves back to her cabin and updates Cops that Nishant is out of Danger, but is still not in a state to give his statement.  Cops thank her and leave.

On the other side, Sonal as well as Nishant's parents were totally devastated.  They had no clue of what happened with Nishant as it was already more than 2 mths that he was missing.  Nobody had answer to any of their question.  Sonal, however was still hopeful and used to talk to Nishant's parents regularly giving them the hope that they will find Nishant one day.

So now that Nishant is saved, what would Happen Next?
Think and Do let me know, while I take this forward ;)

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