Sunday, May 29, 2011

Destiny of Love - Part III

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In the Hospital, Nishant goes through the tests and it is identified that he has lost his speech and his sight.  He can hear, but body movement is also very limited.  Dr. Simran has no other choice but to keep him under observation, with least improvement in him. She is still hopeful of improvement and has got the backing of her Husband Hari, who is paying all the dues of the Hospital for almost 8 months now.

Sonal one of these days gets intimation from her office that she would have to travel to Delhi to conduct few sessions on PR and Soft Skills.  Sonal was elated that she would get the chance to visit Delhi and spend some time in locating Nishant's whereabouts.  She informs Nishant's Parents too.

Sonal reaches Delhi and reports in to her office in Delhi. She was handed over a list of clients for which the PR and Soft Skills sessions were to be conducted.  She scans the list and the first client was Anglo American Institute of Medical Sciences, where she was to meet Dr. Simran.  Sonal Calls p Dr Simran and fixes up an appointment with her to discuss the session details.

Sonal reaches Anglo American Institute of Medical Sciences and walks towards Dr. Simran's Cabin.  She knocks at the door and waits for Dr. Simran to call her in.  Dr. Simran walks in from the other side and they greet each other, Sonal introduces herself and Dr Simran escorts Sonal in her cabin.  As they settle down, one of the Attendants rushes in to Dr. Simran's cabin telling her about the few additional reports for Nishant.  Dr. Simran tells Sonal to be seated while she would be gone to check the reports.  Sonal waits for Dr. Simran to return.

When Dr. Simran returns, Sonal out of curiosity asks about the patient and Dr. Simran updates her with the case.  Sonal says, can she visit the patient and see how do attendants tackle with such cases so that it would be easier for her to prepare for the sessions.  Dr Simran agrees to her point and they walk to Nishant's room.  They keep discussing the Sessions as well as the case.  As they enter Nishant's room, Sonal get shock of her life to see the love of her life lying helpless, Dr Simran looks at her and thinks she is traumatized. Traumatized indeed was Sonal and Dr. Simran and attendants get her back to Dr. Simran's cabin.  There after being consoled for sometime, Sonal breaks down and blurts out her story stating that the patient is none other than love of her life and his name is Nishant.

Dr. Simran tells her that Nishant is a fighter and today after she stepped in he has shown improvement, so she offers Sonal to join Anglo American Institute of Medical Sciences as a PR executive and that way Sonal would be closer to Nishant all the time.  Sonal agrees and resigns from her job and joins Anglo American Institute of Medical Sciences, She also informs Nishant's as well her parents of the Nishant's case.  She performs her job responsibilities during her work hrs and starts attending to Nishant for the rest of the time. Nishant starts showing the required improvements where he could be operated to get him to a better shape.

Still there is more to go....I know but next part is worth the wait.

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