Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brain v/s Heart - Calculations v/s feelings

Well it is so said that a persons feelings are controlled by the Heart, but yeah that is something that I term as a myth. Though from ages the poetic expression of Love and Hate has been pointed from Heart as in "My Heart skipped a Beat" or "My Lost my Heart to Her" or "My Heart Started Beating".  Now Now, there all those are simply expressions of the writers or the poet, but over the period we have started relating feelings to heart and calculations to mind.

But, is that correct, certainly not!!! As a student of Science, I understand that the work that Heart does in human body is to purify and circulate the blood, and thus ensure that every cell in the body receives the right amount of vitamins, proteins, minerals and above all the Oxygen.  So, how can it help you generate feelings.  It rather reacts to the feelings!!! Yeah How is that possible???

Let's understand that the Human body has five senses and these are controlled either by the Mind or the Spinal Cord. Indeed human senses are controlled by Spinal Cord too. The way the senses react is the movement of muscles in coordination with then nervous system of the human body.  The human brain calculates the requirements of the cells in each muscle, and nervous system transmit the required chemicals as produced by the human body to those cells.  Here is the catch!!!

The catch is when we have a situation of anxiety, love, hate, dislike, anger or one of the extreme emotional case, the body sometimes over reacts and the chemicals as produced in the body are oversupplied to the various organs and we see the reactions accordingly.  But even in this case, it is the Brain that senses the feeling than the heart.  Heart just reacts to the feeling!! by either skipping a beat or beating faster.....

Its the brain that has multiple sections to send the signals to the nervous system in various situation of reaction.  It is the brain to calculate the reaction after receiving the signals from the first sense that could either be - Nose, Eyes, Ears, Mouth or Skin (for Touch). Heart has no role even in case of feeling except for pumping blood faster or slower depending on the situation and the command received from the Brain.

Now the problem with me here is the Logical v/s Feeling part. even after knowing the scenario above, I am stuck with a Dilemma - Whether I should react as per the Logical Calculations of my Mind or as per the Feelings that my mind has received???  Stuck in this case and its a serious Dilemma, if I would listen to the Feelings that are received by my Brain, there would be things that would go Negative and if I listen to the Logic of my Brain, then there would be something else that would be going wrong.  Sincerely as a person reacting impromptu to the Intuitive Mind, this time I have been caught Off-Guard by the situation and the Intuitive part of my mind has gone Numb.  pretty tough situation eh!!!

But, I guess I would leave the situation as is, as in I would leave the Dilemma to Prevail, not listening to either cases of Logic or Feelings.  That should be a better way out from the situation as it would keep things straight for me as well as those involved.  I guess No Reaction is the Best Reaction in this case...

What do you Say????  Rather than Check Mate (win / loss) draw should be a better end to the impasse!!!

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