Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fight Against Corruption: The Drama without a Ring Master

I had been following the movement by Shri Anna Hazare from the time he started his hunger strike in April this year to now when it is reported (TOI tweet: Ramdev not mature enough to lead movement: Anna Hazare ) that he made a statement about baba Ramdev.

Seriously the whole movement has just reduced to a Drama or a Circus in which other than Shri Hazare, every other person seems to be clown. Shri Hazare is rather seems to have become a mute spectator to what the movement has turned out to be.  I am not sure how true the tweet mentioned above is, but I seriously think Shri Hazare made a very right statement as he made it.  

Baba Ramdev, am not sure what his interest is in the Political circle, though I had read somewhere earlier before the movement against corruption started that he wanted to start a political party.  Also, knowing about his Business Empire, I am not sure if he himself knows about the cases where his own employees engage in the acts of Corruption?  I seriously doubt the intents of baba Ramdev to have got himself into a situation of mess and raised the temperatures unnecessary to the extent that lathi charge and tear gas shells were used to disperse the crowd.  One of the Gurgaon resident, a female, is reported to be in serious condition and another who was hurt in lathi charge is reported to have been disabled for life.

And where is the Millionaire Baba?  In the comfort of a Hospital, being treated by the Doctors for having fasted in his fight against Corruption. Shouldn't he be responsible for getting his followers hurt and in the situation that they are?  Wasn't something that he did totally uncalled for? and isn't he now responsible to support those of his supporters who would have to live through their life may be in the trauma of their sufferings? Would the Millionaire Baba take a Step ahead to ensure that these followers will be supported financially for their life?  I seriously Guess NOT.

I am totally with Shri Hazare on his Fight against Corruption and would stand on his call, but the mockery of a serious movement MUST be stopped immediately and the Millionaire Baba MUST STOP creative unnecessary Fuss around Corruption and Black Money stuff.  We do understand that Black Money to the tune it is reported in a National Asset and it must be brought back, but not at the cost of Physical Assault on the Citizens due to someone saying something and then taking a U-turn.

And I was in fits of Laughter to see the pics of Baba in Woman Attire - Another Shameful Act by someone who is serious about him trying to flee in disguise

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