Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From Love - to Solitude

Prashant was sitting in his usual corner of the Coffee shop with his laptop and was working on his latest storyline while sipping his coffee.  The staff of the coffee shop was quite familiar with their daily customer who used to spend most of his afternoons in that corner.  The staff was also well versed with the choices of Prashant from the choice of his coffee for the day to the snacks he like to take a bite of. One can say he was one of the favorite customers there and was taken care of pretty well.  The staff knew it well that Prashant is never disturbed either on his phone nor in person by anyone.  But today it seemed to be bit different or rather it was.  The Door of the Coffee shop opens and a girl around 25 or so dressed in smart casuals walks towards Prashant's table.  On reaching Prashant's table, the girl without disturbing Prashant simply settles down in the chair opposite to him. However, Prashant senses the invasion in his personal space from someone not usual at that point and looks up at the girl with puzzled looks.  As he sees the girl, his expression of puzzle changes to a gentle smile and he say - "What brings you here Kanika?"

Kanika, the girl, replies - "Well I wanted to check out the cozy corner of my writer and wanted to share the space with him while he is working on the next novel of his. I thought, why can't I have a coffee with you here?"  

Prashant - "Well, well Ms. Kanika, you could have always called me up on my mobile if you were interested and I would have been at your service!!"

Kanika - "Prasant, sometimes, it gives one more pleasure to walk a bit and meet the person rather than calling him/her. Hence, I decided to walk down from my office upstairs to your work area.  It is indeed a refreshing change for me."

Prashant replies with a mischievous smile - "I surrender, else I suspect my next novel would never see the light of the day as we might end up discussing the modus operandi to have a coffee together and I would miss the deadline of my beautiful publisher."as Prashant completes his statement, he waves at the counter to serve two coffees.

As there was a bit silence, Kanika asks Prashant - "So would my handsome writer like to de-brief me about his novel, so that I do not get curious day by day and spend time having more coffee and thus delaying the completion of the Novel?"

Prashant replies - "Sure why not as my beautiful publisher has to anyways read the novel,. I may as well de-brief her and cut down the review period."  Kanika tells him to stop flirting as she was keen to know the story line.

Prashant starts off - "See this is the story of a guy who always felt that love is something which is the game of luck, chance and right timing.  He never believed that love is something that happens by chance and he had good amount of affairs to back his theory up.  But this time, he actually gets caught on the wrong foot as he himself proves his own theory wrong.  He finds himself deeply and madly in love with this girl who had recently shifted in the neighborhood."  Kanika listens with utmost curiosity while sipping the coffee served to them.  Prashant takes a sip from his coffee mug and continues - "The guy this time tries to resort to his old charms, but fails to lure the attention of the girl and his chance and timings go for a toss as the girl doesn't reciprocate.  He feels helpless in the way he feels he is being treated and loses all the hope in the world to succeed.  He just thinks to let go of the case and starts sulking. The girl on the other hand was smart enough to notice the change in the guys behavior and was smart enough to relate it to the treatment she dealt him."

Kanika remarks - "You are being Sadist this time." Prashant laughs at the comment and continues - "However, the guy stops bothering the girl and goes in his shell from where it becomes quite difficult to get him out. His entire focus and attention diverts to his passion for Wildlife Photography that apparently was the interest area for that girl too.  She discovers the life in the pictures that the guy took in the wilderness of the forests and starts developing feeling for him."

Kanika - "So do they get together to live happily ever after?"

Prashant - "Well, no for the guy had resigned to the fate of love and had decided to live with his solitude and his passion. And the girl regrets that she never understood that guys true love for her."

Kanika - "Sad, but I guess that's what is the tragic end to some unfateful love stories!!!!" Prashant nodes with a smile.....

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