Thursday, June 2, 2011

Love Hurts - Does it Really?

I have often come across people who crib around a lot and saying "It hurts a lot to be in Love, but damn it I can't live without being in Love". Now there I get a lo surprised as to how can someone get hurt, but still continue on the same path? I mean get hurt and be in Love.  It made me ponder and what I understood is its not that being in Love hurts, what should actually be hurting them is either the commitment or the expectations associated with Love.

As for me, Love whatever form it is in can't hurt as it is a Divine Feeling and the most Comforting one.  As I said whichever form, as Love is a feeling that starts from the childhood with Parents, Siblings, Relatives, Friends and then the Special Someone and then again with our children, grand children and so on.  Thus Love changes its form from time to time and as per the demand of the situation and circumstances.  As the Form of Love changes, so does change the set of expectations and commitments and so does the set of griefs, grievances, complains and sorrow.  Certainly with each commitment and with each expectation there are associated set of grieves, grievances, complains and sorrow.  This set triggers when the set of commitment is not fulfilled or when the set of expectations are not met.  So, certainly when this set triggers, it triggers the pain that hurts. But does that mean Love Hurts?

Love doesn't hurt because Love is the state of bliss, it is the state of Selflessness, it is the state where one does not think of gain and treats the pain with the gift.  Love is the state of Nirvana where Give and Take relationship seizes to exist.  So if that is the case - How Can Love Hurt?

Love doesn't hurt, what hurts is being unrealistic in Love. Grow beyond expectations and you will find the Bliss in Love, be it the Platonic Love between you and your Special Someone or the Love for your Passion or the Love for your Parents or Children!!!

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  1. I have never repented, ever, being in love.
    In that case , I don't think that they were ever in love.
    Love,like matter,cannot be created nor destroyed.. can only be changed from one form to another.Love cannot be done on conditions. Its got to be unconditional.As u rightly put it , its a state of bliss and nirvana.