Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mumbai Meri Jaan - Has Justice Been Done?

I was watching the Movie - "Mumbai Meri Jaan", the movie based on the 7/11 train blasts in Mumbai. The day of 2006 when Mumbai saw its one of the most heinous crimes that Mumbai saw after the 1992-93 serial blasts.  And then in 2008 we saw another attack - the 26/11 attack.  Total Death toll as per the official figures for both the cases is pegged to be around 400+.  The 7/11 case saw a total of around 210 and the case of 26/11 saw a case of around 250+.

However, when we turn around to identify if the anyone from the accused is punished or not, what we find is astonishing.  The Lone Survivor of the 26/11 attack Ajmal Kasab is relishing the hospitality of the Indian Government.  He is enjoying the time throwing tantrums at the cops around him in the Jail he is in.  Interesting!!! Yeah the verdict was given on May 3 a year back.  He was given death sentence and then the case moved to Mumbai High Court where the High Court upheld the verdict from Lower Court, but Ajmal Kasab is still alive!!!!!

Equally interesting is the case of 7/11 where the investigations led to rough waters and the average Indian the Common Man doesn't know what happened next!!! 

However, these two are not the only cases, Attack on Indian Parliament, Terrorism in Punjab, Terrorism in Kashmir Valley, Bomb Blasts in Ajmer, Jaipur, Hyderabad and various other cities, Many other Bomb Blasts in Mumbai only are many other cases where the culprits are either not yet identified or the investigations have headed to rough weathers. How interesting!!!!

It is pretty interesting to note that US spent $1.3 Trillion for an operation targeted at Capturing and Executing Osama Bin Laden, the accused mastermind of 9/11 attacks.  And what we are spending on is providing Food and Shelter to the guy who is the Lone Surviving Attacker of the 26/11 attacks.  Reminds me of another guy Afzal Guru, who's been awarded a Death Sentence, but the Indian Govt had been pondering on Should hang him or Should Not.  I woudln't be surprised to note that few days later even Ajmal Kasab would forward a Mercy Petition to the President of India and will enjoy the Hospitality of Indian Govt just like Afzal Guru.

I know reading like this one would think "What Can I Do? This guy doesn't have anything to do, so he just writes. Why should I waste my Time and Energy when Govt is not doing anything?"  Well take it this way, the guys like Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab, who are charged of Waging War against our Nation are being provided Food, Shelter and Security from the Money that Govt. collects in form of Tax from our hard earned money.  Just compare it with the decision of US Govt.  to spend the time, effort and the money to bring the Culprits to Justice or so, as they claim and they say, and the Citizens of US went all out to support and uphold the decision as well as the outcome.

I am not saying that India should go the way US went to get Justice for the 2700+ victims and more than double that who were injured. But at the same time, Govt Must ensure that Nations fund must not be spent in the manner to food, shelter and security to the guys like Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru.  It is the high time that both the guys be brought to Justice.  Till such time the Common Man of India will keep waiting for the Justice and keep thinking "When Will Justice be Done?" or "Has Justice Been Done?'

I hope that the Culprits be Brought to Justice from where they are, including their Safe Heavens!!!


  1. All that I have to say is that we have a very useless form of governance,having no bite, and no political will to improve the security conditions. All that they wan is to fill up their personal coffers and loot the common man.
    Yes, wt can a common man do? he is so busy fighting for his own bread, that he has no time to bother, and this is wt the congress wants. Keep the common man busy so he has no time to revolt.
    I don't kn if u have seen the movie "Wednesday". Its abt the common man who showed the Mumbai police how to deal with the terrorist. He made a very valid statement there, "Hum to aap ko aaise hi maarege, jo ho sake kar lo" This is how the Pak is fighting a proxy war with India, for they kn that they can never will a full fledged battle with India.
    And why not should we go the US way? The attack on the parliament was a golden opportunity to wage a full blooded war.
    As I see it, if Pakistan is wiped out from the face of the earth, 99% of world terrorism will vanish.
    The fact that Laden was killed there , shows that they bread terrorism.

  2. Right said Fred Da, about the case with Indian Govt. and the reason why I am saying India should not go the US way - $ 1.3 trillion is a huge amount to spend on capturing or executing one terrorist. It would be too high a cost if India were to execute the top 10 wanted criminals for which the list reads - Hafeez Sayed, Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, the Memon Brothers etc. So If India is to carry out a covert operation like US, and if each operation were to cost a huge chunk, well I would not be surprised that a Great Recession would hit India ;) and we need to see what is our GDP and what expenditure we would talk about for such operations :)

    Also, please note that Pakistan's Economy is based on the Aide they get from US, so Pakistan would tolerate such actions from US. They would not and they are big chuck of Idiots to even fire a Nuclear Missile if India conducts such operation!!!!