Friday, June 17, 2011


When I recall the days bygone
When I look at the era bygone
It all reminds me of the time
When there was no rhyme
 I used to be scared always
My feelings found no ways
Though felt loved & protected
Still the feelings were dissected

I had no ways to tell you
I love and respect you
I still feel the your anger
I still feel that dagger

Though I want to hear you
Though I want to tell you
But there is no way to say
What I wanted to say till day

Why is your behavior scattered
Why it make one feel shattered
Why can't you take me in arms
Why can't you get me the calms

With you showing your anger
I always sense some danger
I want to say I love you
My Pa the I respect you

I want you to be my support
I want to build that rapport
I want you to hold me hand
I want you to lead me on sea & land

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